October 24, 2008

This Report on the Future of Mobile Internet is Out Now

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/fe6447/the_future_of_mobi) has announced the addition of the "The future of mobile Internet: service challenges and operator positioning" report to their offering.

Mobile Internet usage is improving with the arrival of flat-rate data tariffs, phones better equipped to support browsing and rich content, and operators adopting a more open market model. These are all positive developments but the issue going forward is how the mobile Internet business model will evolve. Will it go the way of the fixed Internet and be dominated by advertising and free services, with operators reduced to providers of commoditised access? In this report we provide a guide on how to get the service and advertising revenue balance right and a view of how operator positioning will evolve as a consequence.

 CONTENTS:  Table of contents Key messages Scope Definitions The foundations are in place - finally What has changed? From closed portal to open mobile Internet The changing role of the operator Evolution of the mobile Internet business model  Lessons from the fixed Internet  Will mobile Internet follow the same business model as the fixed Internet? Operators do not have to be dumb pipes - unless they are stupid Commodity mobile broadband ISPs? Core B2B enabling services  Life after access: where will mobile Internet service revenue growth come from?  Communications services are core Utility-type services have potential Look at ways to enable m-commerce The content service crunch Balancing the paid-for versus advertising-supported service mix Operator positioning and revenue growth Orange: multi-platform TV services Premium content will become more segmented Not every operator will benefit from the mobile advertising land grab The integrated web/mobile model  The rise of the D2C players  How are they shaping the mobile Internet The big hitters and ones to watch The integrated web/mobile model is the way forward The mobile operator: supplier, competitor and customer  Table of figures  Figure 1 Percentage of survey samples accessing the Internet on a weekly basis Figure 2 Ericsson Consumer Labs: mobile Internet trends data Figure 3 Vodafone's evolution from closed portal to mobile Internet Figure 4 The evolution of the Internet business model Table 1 Services that can be offered to third parties Figure 5 The amount survey respondents were willing to pay for mobile blockbuster films Figure 6 Survey respondents' willingness to be exposed to advertising in return for free films Figure 7 Balancing the service and revenue mix Figure 8 Integrated web/mobile Figure 9 Zed 

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/fe6447/the_future_of_mobi

Source: Ovum