October 24, 2008

Linley Tech Seminar Highlights Companies and Technologies Driving the Trends in Processors for Networking and Communications

The Linley Group, the leading provider of independent technology analysis in semiconductors for networking, communications, mobile, and wireless, will host its "Processors for Networking and Communications" seminar on Wednesday, November 5, at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California. This highly focused one-day event brings together industry experts, CTOs, and technologists to discuss the latest devices and key trends for this market. It will feature in-depth company presentations designed to give technical decision-makers the information they need to effectively select the right high-speed embedded processor or specialized processor for their Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or access application.

Presenting Companies

 --  AMCC, Dan Bouvier, Processor Chief Technology Officer --     "Improving Networked Attached Storage (NAS) and RAID Solutions" --  Freescale, Toby Foster, System Architect -- "Choosing a Multicore     Architecture" --  LSI, David Sonnier, Chief Architect -- "Meeting the Evolving     Requirements of IP Access Networks" --  Ikanos, Ravindra Bhilave, Director of Software Engineering --     "Designing Multiservice Residential Gateways" --  Octasic, James Awad, Director of Media Gateway Products --     "Implementing Media Gateways with a Multicore DSP" --  Cavium Networks, Kin-Yip Liu, Director of Applications     Engineering -- "Accelerating Content-Aware Processing" --  Marvell, Marek Mokryn, Director of Systems Marketing -- "High     Performance, Low Power SoCs for Dense Computing Environments" --  RMI, Martin Horne, Director of Systems Engineering --     "Asynchronous I/O Model for Multiservice Networking Platforms" --  Sun Microsystems, Mathew Steinberg, Director of Business     Development -- "Leveraging Enterprise-Class Processors in Networking     Applications" --  Polycore Software, Sven Brehmer, CEO -- "Using Multicore     Effectively to Accelerate Network Application Development"


The November 5 Processors for Networking and Communications seminar is intended for system designers, OEMs, network-equipment vendors, network service providers, software vendors, press, and the financial community. Attendance is free to qualified attendees who register by October 31. To register, please visit http://linleygroup.com/Seminars/pnc_registration.html


This event is sponsored by Freescale, AMCC, LSI, Ikanos, Marvell, Octasic, Sun Microsystems, Cavium Networks, and the Multicore Association.

About the Linley Tech Seminar Series

The Linley Tech Seminar Series consists of one-day sessions focused on a single aspect of advanced technology. The Linley Group technical analysts carefully select session topics and choose leading speakers who are experts on those topics. In addition, the analysts ensure that the content of the presentations are full of insightful, in-depth technical information that will help designers select the right components and systems for their next project. The Linley Tech Seminar Series lets attendees hear technical experts explain how new trends and architectures affect real-world applications.

About The Linley Group

The Linley Group covers emerging areas such as high-speed embedded processors, Gigabit and 10G Ethernet, mobile communications processors, and more. The company provides in-depth technology reports and interactive seminars as well as strategic consulting services tailored to the individual client. To get free access to The Linley Group's analysis of recent news and events in these markets, subscribe to our e-mail newsletters. More information about The Linley Group is available at http://www.linleygroup.com.

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SOURCE: The Linley Group