October 24, 2008

AT&T Completes Transition of IP Traffic to IP/MPLS Backbone Network

AT&T has completed transition of its IP traffic to a next-generation, consolidated IP/MPLS backbone network. The new full-mesh optical platform includes deployment of 40Gbps transport, known as OC-768.

According to the company, beyond the immediate capacity and performance benefits, the new backbone network is designed to provide a streamlined path for adopting future technologies as they are developed.

In addition to boosting capacity, the new network platform is claimed to minimize latency and enhance transport efficiency and reliability for all types of traffic, including the direct benefit for customers of AT&T's virtual private network and private line services.

AT&T Labs researchers and industry partners have also announced a breakthrough test using emerging 100-gigabit technologies to carry data totaling 17Tbps over a single strand of optical fiber.

John Donovan, chief technology officer at AT&T, said: "AT&T has invested billions in the research, development and deployment of advanced technologies to ensure that we're able to stay ahead of our customers' demand for internet and IP applications, both today and in the years ahead."