October 24, 2008

YouPublish Releases V2.0 of Online Publishing Platform

YouPublish (www.youpublish.com), an innovative, new file-sharing web site that lets users publish virtually any digital file type or format, free or paid, today announced v2.0 of the site that features multiple upgrades, including the ability to view 28 different file types, like video, audio, text, PDFs and photographs -- directly in the browser without downloading.

"YouPublish equips amateur and professional authors alike with a simple, revolutionary online portal for publishing and marketing creative works that has never existed before," says James Skinner, senior advisor for YouPublish. "The site combines the best of what's already out there in the file-sharing space, and adds patent-pending functionality and unsurpassed flexibility that enables our users to publish, buy or sell any type of digital creation online."

YouPublish enables users to:

-- Post files -- free or paid. YouPublish users control if the files are free or paid, as well as the price.

-- View most files directly in the browser before downloading them. This patent-pending technology allows easy viewing of 28 different file types including video, audio, text documents, PDFs and photographs.

-- Group files together into a single product or list so related files don't get separated. Grouping files also allows mixed formats to be linked together, such as a textbook and a lecture video or a song and the accompanying lyrics. It also allows posting a multipart video or linking chapters of a book so users are never stuck looking for the next part.

-- Download original, unconverted files for offline use. This allows distribution of high-quality video, audio and photographs, as well as files that cannot be viewed online, such as software plug-ins or proprietary file types.

-- Create personal author pages and unique URLs. With these custom pages, it's easy to share works with others and invite friends to the site.

The revenue model for YouPublish users is simple -- when a user sells a file, the proceeds from the sale are split with YouPublish 50/50. There is no fee to use the YouPublish site, and users can post as many files as they want at no charge.

"Compared with the 7-to-10-percent royalty models of traditional publishing and the 35 percent offered by other leading publishing web sites, YouPublish offers users a very efficient platform for selling digital creations," says Skinner.

Nigel King, a self-published author, has had success publishing his autobiography on YouPublish.

"YouPublish is by far the easiest site I've used and has the best online publishing presentation I have seen," says King. "The site is a great service to the world of publishing."

YouPublish has thousands of files available with users from more than 162 countries.

About YouPublish

YouPublish (www.youpublish.com) is a powerful platform for publishing, searching for and downloading high-quality content published directly by authors, artists and other digital content creators. Envisioned and developed by some of the great thought leaders in both business and publishing, YouPublish is poised to shift the current paradigm of online publishing and allow users worldwide to share their ideas and creations -- in any file format for free or choose to get paid. For more information, please visit www.youpublish.com.