October 27, 2008

NetLogic Microsystems Announces the Industry’s First 20 Gigabits-Per-Second (Gbps) Content-Processing Solution for Advanced Layer 7 Applications

NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:NETL), the leader in the design and development of knowledge-based processors (KBP) and high-speed integrated circuits, today announced the availability of its NLS2000 Layer 7 knowledge-based processing solution, which provides up to 20Gbps of deep-packet inspection performance to accelerate advanced Layer 7 applications such as intrusion prevention, anti-virus/anti-spam and application identification. The high performance of the NLS2000 solution is enabled by NetLogic Microsystems' revolutionary Intelligent Finite Automaton (IFA) architecture, which uses a multi-threaded hybrid of finite automaton algorithms to lower power consumption and memory requirements while enhancing performance, database flexibility and compilation speed for the largest and most complex intrusion prevention, anti-virus and application detection knowledge databases.

The NLS2000 solution, the latest member of NetLogic Microsystems' NETL7(TM) knowledge-based processor family, integrates on-chip memory and provides over 100 Terabits per second (Tbps) of ultra-low latency access bandwidth to on-chip rule databases to effectively accelerate complex and iterative content inspection, while eliminating the need to provision for the high-latency and costly off-chip memory that are required by competing solutions. In addition, the NLS2000 solution features 8-lane PCI-Express(R) Gen-2 interface, which provides up to 32Gbps of raw bandwidth, allowing customers to take full advantage of the bandwidth enabled by the latest generations of general-purpose CPUs.

The NLS2000 solution has been designed for multi-core and multi-threaded processing environments, and natively performs stateful cross-packet inspection in hardware. It is supported by a full software development kit, including a rule compiler that compiles most databases in seconds, and has been validated against real-world databases and packet captures, including hundreds of thousands of signatures and network traces collected from Tier 1 customer intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and application identification databases. By using NetLogic Microsystems' Layer 7 application programming interfaces (APIs), the NLS2000 knowledge-based processing solution enables OEMs to take advantage of its throughput and deliver rapidly new, performance-differentiated solutions for enterprise and service provider markets, while at the same time maintain software compatibility with other members of the NETL7 family of Layer 7 knowledge-based processors.

"We see an accelerating trend toward incorporating security, bandwidth management and content-based quality of service features into next-generation networking equipment to help enterprises and service providers protect their networks," said Chris O'Reilly, vice president of marketing at NetLogic Microsystems. "By being the first in the industry to enable performance scalability from 250Mbps to 20Gbps on a common software API platform without requiring external memory for the entire performance range, we are delivering market-leading solutions that enable customers to develop next-generation systems with unmatched throughput and security signature coverage."

"NetLogic Microsystems is offering industry-leading performance and integration with solutions that can scale all the way to 20Gbps via PCI-Express Gen-2 without requiring any external memory," said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst at The Linley Group. "Having fully integrated memory and the innovative IFA architecture enable NetLogic Microsystems' NETL7 solutions to deliver deterministic throughput for advanced content processing, even at speeds of 10Gbps and above."

The NLS2000 knowledge-based processing solution is available now from NetLogic Microsystems.

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