October 27, 2008

OCS Showcasing Self-Optimizing Adaptive-Mesh Grid Network at CANARIE-ORANO Summit

TORONTO, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Optimum Communications Services, Inc. (OCS) will participate in the 'Powering Innovation -- A National Summit' conference in Toronto on November 3-4, 2008. The summit is co-chaired by ORION and CANARIE -- Ontario's and Canada's advanced innovation, research and education (R&E) networks: http://www.orioncanariesummit.ca/.

"We are pleased to have OCS as one of our exhibitors at our 'Powering Innovation -- a National Summit'," said Phil Baker, President and CEO of ORANO. "The Summit is a unique gathering of leaders and innovators in advanced networking, research and education technologies from across Canada and the U.S. We're looking forward to an exciting program and to OCS and all our exhibitors showcasing their services and technologies supporting research and innovation."

OCS will demonstrate the self-optimizing Adaptive-Mesh grid network architecture at the summit. Adaptive-Mesh networks are particularly effective for e-science applications requiring both high bandwidth and premium Quality of Service (QoS), as well as support for dynamic multi-location collaboration.

The current Internet, though started at universities, is unable to meet these requirements by today's high-end R&E network users, due to that the first-generation Internet was designed for non-realtime file transfer type applications that prevailed at the initial stages of computer networking. However, current R&E networks need to increasingly support realtime and interactive applications such as remote instrumentation and on-demand scientific and IT facilities access. For such e-science applications, several discipline or project specific R&E networks have been implemented outside of the public Internet.

The individual project specific networks however lack the reach and flexibility of the Internet, and the major current challenge is to flexibly inter-connect the individual R&E networks, to form the next generation R&E Internet. By proactively addressing the requirements for network security and QoS while reducing cost, the R&E networks can form the foundation also for the next generation public Internet -- the "Future Internet".

"OCS' Adaptive-Mesh delivers the built-in security and deterministic QoS required by cutting-edge R&E applications, while radically reducing the cost of network bandwidth and supporting dynamic, demand-driven network capacity allocation, due to its unique, realtime traffic load adaptive physical layer," says Richard Huffman, OCS' VP of Business Development. "Adaptive-Mesh grids can work both as next-gen application-specific R&E networks, as well as their inter-exchange networks, allowing efficient and flexible integration of the individual R&E networks into what is to become the core of the Future Internet."


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