October 27, 2008

Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation Selects Aztek Networks to Ensure Network Reliability in Atlantic-Coast Region

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Aztek Networks (http://www.azteknetworks.com/), the leader in telecommunications switch consolidation solutions for network migration, today announced that Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) has chosen to enhance its existing voice network with the company's 5000S solution. Aztek's products allow carriers to provide robust and dependable telephone access in locations susceptible to a complete loss of service in the event of a natural disaster or fiber cut.

The 5000S ensures uninterrupted local calling capability and access to 911 emergency services. Aztek Networks' network migration solutions offer a cost-effective replacement to older remote switches that need to be replaced. In addition, Aztek's switching solutions specifically are designed to help ensure public safety by continuously maintaining local calling capabilities and subscriber access to emergency 911 services in the event the link to the primary host switch is severed due to an accident or natural disaster.

Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation provides telephone, cable TV, Internet and wireless services to the people of Brunswick County in North Carolina. ATMC has more than 50 years of experience providing cutting-edge services to it member-owners who are located on the barrier islands and surrounding North Carolina coast. With more than 40,000 phone lines, ATMC is the largest telephone cooperative in North Carolina.

"We turned to Aztek Networks' 5000S solution in order to provide our members with the safety and security they deserve in this volatile region that often is struck by devastating natural disasters," explained Jeffery Stutts, manager of switch services for Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation. "Subscribers in the communities of Winding River and Carolina Shores can be assured that they will be able to continue to make local and emergency calls anytime of the year, regardless of what season it may be."

Telecom operators are turning to Aztek to ensure their subscribers have the same level of reliability and access to emergency services as subscribers connected to a traditional host or remote switch. By installing Aztek's ESA voice switches companies can:

-- Enhance network reliability and public safety by placing Aztek's switch in locations where there is no emergency switching capabilities.

-- Ensure customers have the benefit of having a back-up system in place in the event of network failure while enjoying upgraded service offerings.

-- Eliminate the need for remote switches in network applications, allowing for central office consolidation.

"With our family of ESA solutions, telecommunications providers are experiencing added network reliability for subscribers," said Steven Bruny, CEO of Aztek Networks. "Aztek Networks is committed to providing the products telecom operators need to ensure their network and in turn provide additional services to their valued customers."

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Based in Boulder, Colorado, Aztek Networks is the leader in telecommunications switch consolidation solutions for network migration. The company's patent-pending True Emergency Stand Alone (ESA)(TM) technology is the basis for the first and only truly open-standards, environmentally hardened and fully redundant ESA switch. Aztek's TDM and IP-based ESA switches, when combined with fiber-to-the-home or broadband multi-service access systems, offer telecommunications carriers reliable and cost-effective solutions for green-field access applications and the replacement of legacy remote switches. More information is available at http://www.azteknetworks.com/.

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