October 27, 2008

Sogo Medical Selects Blue Coat for WAN Optimization Combined With Branch Office Web Security

Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BCSI), the leader in WAN Application Delivery and Secure Web Gateway, today announced that Sogo Medical Co., Ltd. has deployed Blue Coat(R) ProxySG(R) appliances across its corporate headquarters, pharmacies and network of branch offices to optimize the Wide Area Network (WAN) while securing and controlling the Internet gateway. PBsystems, Inc and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation managed the ProxySG implementation at Sogo Medical.

In the past, Sogo Medical experienced problems with slow Web applications due to application latency and congestion of its WAN, which links its small offices and pharmacies from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Specifically, employees lost productivity from long response times to view intranet applications like groupware. In addition, the Web security solution at Sogo Medical's primary Internet gateway could not keep pace with increasing levels of Web traffic.

After installing Blue Coat ProxySG appliances, Sogo Medical experienced an immediate improvement in access response times for centrally stored files and internal applications. Response time for groupware applications decreased from an average of 10-30 seconds to just a few seconds. On average, access times to centrally stored files became more than 10 times faster. At the same time, the company reduced bandwidth consumption over its WAN and Internet gateways. These improvements enabled Sogo Medical's employees to gain productivity and feel more connected to other company locations.

In addition, Blue Coat ProxySG appliances allow Sogo Medical to have its pharmacies connect directly to the Internet, reducing response time for accessing Internet content and external applications. At each branch office, the company is using ProxySG appliances to secure the Internet gateway, eliminating the need to send all Internet requests over the WAN. Additionally, ProxySG appliances allow Sogo Medical to centrally manage, enforce and update corporate policies for all of its branch offices and pharmacies.

"In addition to the issue of WAN optimization, this was an opportunity to provide direct Internet access for our pharmacies," said Yoshiaki Nagano at Sogo Medical. "We considered installing products that would give us Web security and WAN optimization through the same vendor. Also, because we could not install optimized equipment in all our centers at once, we considered a solution that would provide a software version of WAN optimization and Web security for individual PC clients. The completeness of the Blue Coat solution was the decisive factor."

Blue Coat ProxySG appliances permit branch office employees in Tokyo and Osaka to experience nearly the same application response time as employees in the Fukuoka headquarters. The faster response time has enabled Sogo Medical to reduce its labor costs through higher productivity and shorter working hours, producing a clear return on investment.

"All across Asia, we see enterprises and organizations having a two-fold problem to solve in their branch offices," said Matt Young, vice president, Asia Pacific region, Blue Coat Systems. "Companies want to speed branch office application response time and also want to provide direct Internet access there using the same policies and strength of enforcement as in their headquarters. Blue Coat ProxySG appliances give companies both capabilities in a single appliance."

About Sogo Medical

Sogo Medical Co., Ltd. is based in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka prefecture. It operates under the concept embodied in its motto, "Good management for good healthcare," providing total healthcare business management support to realize the highest possible quality of healthcare. In addition to operating more than 250 Sogo Pharmacy locations nationwide, the company also supports the integration of healthcare services through its own DtoD system, helping doctors make career changes, open new businesses and introduce successors for businesses. This company is listed on Section One of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding in 2008. For more details, visit http://www.sogo-medical.co.jp/.

About Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat secures Web communications and accelerates business applications across the distributed enterprise. Blue Coat's family of appliances and client-based solutions - deployed in branch offices, Internet gateways, end points, and data centers - provide intelligent points of policy-based control enabling IT organizations to optimize security and accelerate performance between users and applications. Blue Coat has installed more than 40,000 appliances worldwide. Blue Coat is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and can be reached at (408) 220-2200 or www.bluecoat.com.

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