October 27, 2008

Cisco WebEx PCNow Brings the Power of the Cloud Directly to Users

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) --

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WebEx PCNow now includes 5GB of online storage, at no extra charge, to help users automatically back up PC and Mac content, while providing anywhere, anytime cloud-based file storage and access.

WebEx PCNow brings the power of the cloud directly to users, giving them new controls and capabilities, thus enhancing their productivity. Files are always at users' fingertips. Also, files are optimized to travel quickly and look great on any Web-enabled device.

With WebEx PCNow, Cisco's remote computer access service, customers are connected and their data is protected all the time, even when their computers are turned off, or disconnected from the Internet.

WebEx PCNow's power as an ad hoc support tool has been augmented with remote agent installation. Customers can now invite someone else to set up their computer for remote access on the customer's account.

The new version of WebEx PCNow has an improved user interface, with more informative displays and a cleaner look, making it easier to navigate. Customers now have integrated access to stored files via a single user interface.

WebEx PCNow allows users access to a remote computer, including their desktop, applications, files and network access as though they are sitting in front of it, but letting them skip the trip to the office.

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Make it easy for remote users to securely access their office PCs, from anywhere, without a VPN.

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Lori Anne Carr, vice president of Titan Farms "WebEx PCNow is very comfortable and easy to use. It's very convenient to not just get access to your files and records, but to see the exact computer screen that I see when I am working from the office. It definitely contributes to my work-life balance."

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