October 27, 2008

Infragistics Announces NetAdvantage For .NET Product Suite

PRINCETON, N.J. and ELSTREE, England, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Infragistics, the world leader in user interface development tools, announced today a new release of Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET which enables development flexibility and user interface (UI) consistency across the popular platforms used today -- Microsoft's Windows Forms and ASP.NET -- and the new emerging technologies of tomorrow -- Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight. Infragistics recently expanded the product suite to give developers all of the .NET UI components for building state-of-the-art UIs in all applications for both the desktop and Web 2.0, in one package for one low price.

"This release is all about giving developers the tools they need to enhance their application's user experience," said Jason Beres, Director of Product Management at Infragistics. "We officially launch the new ASP.NET data grid, add advanced Microsoft Excel support for Windows Forms and continue to leverage our WPF toolset's Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 support to introduce new controls that help developers enhance the user experience on the Microsoft Windows Client side."

NetAdvantage eliminates the complexity of UI development and makes it easy to build full line-of-business applications with immersive user experiences.

"With new controls and enhanced functionality, NetAdvantage for .NET empowers developers to build full featured line-of-business applications across multiple platforms," said Brian Goldfarb, Director of the Developer Platform and Tools team at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased to be working with Infragistics to provide an easier way for our customers to develop enhanced, interactive user interfaces in their applications."

ASP.NET Component Toolset

Infragistics ASP.NET component toolset continues the introduction of native Web 2.0 technology through the release of WebDataGrid which enables developers to integrate design-time tools or to leverage the consistent, easy to use object model to customize the layout, behavior and data display within all their applications.

New Window Forms Features

Infragistics continues to enhance Windows Forms product functionality to give developers the power to design modern user interfaces with little to no code.

-- The 2008 Microsoft Office System File Formats now export directly to the latest file format for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and take advantage of Office Excel's 2007 new 1 million row capacity and the file format's human-readable, interoperable XML vocabulary.

-- WinCalcManager to Office Excel 2007 Formula Integration creates more robust interoperability between the Infragistics controls and the Office Excel 2007 product.

-- De-Serialization of Office Excel 2007 Formula Values enables the Infragistics.Excel libraries to pull data from Office Excel 2007 and translate the formulas as a formula value instead of a text string.

-- Additional WinCalcManager Formulas handle more complicated mathematics with the Infragistics math libraries and negate the need for lengthy custom code.

New Features in the WPF Toolset

In addition to all the controls needed by developers to fulfill line-of-business requirements like a Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon, 2D/3D Charting, Docking, Editors, and a high performance Data Grid, the WPF toolset now includes:

-- xamDataGrid Enhancements - The latest xamDataGrid release introduces end-user column customization and a persistence mechanism to save that customization giving end-users a custom experience with the grid.

-- Navigation Bar control adds navigation to WPF applications.

-- Printing Support requires only a couple lines of code to print the popular xamDataGrid.

-- Calendar and Calendar Dropdown bring the Windows Vista-experience to navigating through dates.

-- Tab Control surpasses the capabilities of the tab control included in Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation System.

Silverlight Line-of-Business Component Toolset will be available in early 2009.

For more detailed information on NetAdvantage for .NET, please visit http://www.infragistics.com/dotnet. For information about Infragistics family of product suites, please visit: http://www.infragistics.com/products.

Pricing and Availability

NetAdvantage for .NET will be available mid-November 2008. Pricing for NetAdvantage for .NET is $1,195 USD (MSRP) and $1,690 USD (MSRP) with priority support included. Developers can also buy the Windows Forms and WPF toolsets as NetAdvantage for Win Client for $995 USD (MSRP) or the ASP.NET and Silverlight LOB control sets as NetAdvantage for Web Client for $995 USD (MSRP). Quantity pricing and corporate licensing is also available by quote. Infragistics can be reached at 800-231-8588 or [email protected]

About Infragistics

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