October 27, 2008

Cincinnati-Based Digital & Analog Design, LLC Completes Two Acquisitions

In an effort to better serve customers, Digital & Analog Design, LLC (DAD) has purchased Spliced Networks, LLC and Fasterping, LLC via two separate 100 percent cash deals.

Spliced Networks is an open source software company that develops next-generation Linux appliance and data center solutions. In the deal to purchase Spliced Networks, DAD acquired key equipment, personnel and intellectual property assets used to develop, deploy and maintain a wide array of hosted, managed and network services on a national basis. John Buswell, former CEO of Spliced Networks, has joined Digital and Analog Design as Chief Technology Officer.

"We were immediately attracted to Spliced Networks because of their status as an internationally recognized leader in open source development and network security solutions," Rodney Sizemore, CEO of Digital & Analog Design, said. "The acquisition of Spliced Networks gives our clients a new dimension of products and services that are cutting edge in technology and scope."

In a separate acquisition, DAD purchased Fasterping LLC, a managed services provider for the small business market in Cincinnati. In the deal, DAD acquired key equipment, personnel and web services revenue streams. Ryan McAdams, former founder and CEO of Fasterping has joined DAD as Director of Systems Administration.

"These assets and revenues will enable us to scale our managed and hosted services business very rapidly," Sizemore said. "Fasterping was a clear complement to the Spliced Networks acquisition and together these deals have positioned our team very well to continue growing into the future."

Digital & Analog Design, headquartered in Cincinnati with offices in Cleveland and Columbus, has been one of the largest and most visible regional business telephony solutions providers for more than 25 years. Since its inception in 1980, DAD has set itself apart by repeatedly demonstrating its commitment to service and by developing on-going relationships with its customers built on trust and satisfaction. The DAD team provides Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, infrastructure applications, security applications, multi-media applications, voice/data messaging, advanced communications tools, mobility applications and maintenance to businesses ranging from the small-to-medium business market to enterprise businesses with more than 5000 employees. For more information, visit www.dadtel.com or call 800.362.6300.