October 28, 2008

SkyCross Antennas Power the First Client Device for WiMAX Launch By Sprint XOHM

SkyCross, a global antenna solutions company, announced that its antennas power the Samsung SWC-E100 ExpressCard, the first client device for the recent WiMAX launch in Baltimore. The WiMAX service, provided through the XOHM division of Sprint Nextel, delivers much anticipated 4G mobile broadband service across the city.

The WIMAX standard requires multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) operation, meaning each device must include multiple resonators. Placement and interference issues can make this a tricky engineering challenge in sleek mobile devices such as the SWC-E100. However, experienced engineers at SkyCross optimize small antennas on a system level to provide faster data rates for users and maximum coverage for network operators.

Independent tests prove the superior link performance provided by WiMAX antennas from SkyCross. Brian Nadel, Freelance Writer and former Editor in Chief of Mobile Computing & Communications magazine, confirmed that the SWC-E100 "works like a charm for accessing the network" in his recent Computerworld article.(1) Mr. Nadel's tests were conducted while stationary as well as at highway speeds.

This announcement follows a series of important milestones since SkyCross launched its WiMAX product line in November 2006. Last quarter, SkyCross antennas were recognized for their performance in the first USB device certified by the WiMAX Forum. SkyCross is also the exclusive provider of isolated mode antenna technology (iMAT), which enables a single structure to behave like multiple, high-performance antennas. Perfectly suited for the MIMO requirement of WiMAX, iMAT received recognition from FierceWireless, Portable Design, and EE Times.

"Our job is to provide device manufacturers with unique antenna solutions that will not only meet network operators' requirements but also provide an extra level of differentiated performance," said Joe Gifford, Executive Vice President of SkyCross. "The SWC-E100 demonstrates that SkyCross solves technical challenges while satisfying time-to-market pressures of both Samsung and Sprint. As Sprint combines XOHM assets with Clearwire, we look forward to providing additional antenna products for the network."

(1)Nadel, Brian. "Sprint's 4G Xohm WiMAX: How fast is it?" Computerworld, Oct. 10, 2008.

About SkyCross

SkyCross (www.skycross.com) is a global wireless company providing antenna-centric RF solutions to the mobile phone, home entertainment, and computing industries. SkyCross provides high-performance, frequency-agile, protocol-independent antenna technology bundled with RF system-level expertise and responsive regional support. This convenient approach empowers device manufacturers to develop winning consumer electronics products and deliver them to market faster and easier. Founded in 2000, SkyCross is ISO 9001 certified and supports customers from its full-service facilities in the USA, South Korea, and China.