October 28, 2008

Hi5 Participates in First-Ever Google DevFest in Southeast Asia

hi5, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing social networks, today announced its participation in the inaugural Google DevFest in Southeast Asia. This year's DevFest is a four-city, day-long technical workshop for developers to learn how to create OpenSocial(TM) applications for hi5 and a variety of other containers. DevFest is being organized in four Asian cities including Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila. Registration numbers quickly exceeded venue capacity weeks in advance, reflecting the overwhelming interest by developers to build web applications on hi5 and other social networking platforms.

hi5 is among the fastest-growing websites in Asia. In Thailand alone, hi5 has over 8 million registered users, more than 50% of Thailand's internet population, making it the second most popular website of any kind in the country. The popular site's registered users in Thailand have increased over 200% this year alone, and hi5 is a top social networking site in many other countries throughout the region.

"Google's DevFest 2008 provides hi5 with the opportunity to reach the Asian development community in a very interactive, engaging and educational environment," said Akash Garg, CTO of hi5. "hi5 has been leading the charge within the OpenSocial community, with over 2,000 applications and over 70 million application installs on hi5.com. We believe developers and end users win the more open and interoperable social networks become, and that's why we have fully embraced OpenSocial and are one of its biggest proponents."

"At this year's DevFest, Google is excited to be working with hi5, one of the world's leading social networks and earliest supporters for OpenSocial, to reach out to thousands of developers across Southeast Asia. With support from hi5 and other social containers, we are making social networking more useful for over 100 million Internet users in Southeast Asia and to increase the global reach for local developers through the use of OpenSocial," said Patrick Chanezon, Developer Advocate, Google.

At Google DevFest, developers will get practical advice for building web applications and technical tips for working with social networking platforms such as hi5. Sessions at the event will cover:

 --  OpenSocial: The web is better when it's social, built through a set of     common APIs. This session shows developers how to use the latest OpenSocial     APIs, frameworks and gadgets to open up interesting ways to interact and be     social with people through web applications.      --  Maps & Geo: Since the introduction of the Google Maps(TM) API in 2005,     geospatial and map applications have been one of the most interesting     developments on the web. This session focuses on the many aspects of     geospatial applications, from KML (a file format used to display geographic     data) to the Google Maps API.      --  App Engine: Developers want to build and scale applications, not worry     about system administration and maintenance. This session explains how     developers can use Google App Engine(TM) to build web applications on top     of Google's infrastructure.      --  Social Networking Platforms: Hundreds of millions of Internet users     benefit from the OpenSocial platform as new features appear on their     favorite social networks. This session shows how hi5 and other containers     make OpenSocial applications available to their users.      

More information about Google DevFest is available at: http://code.google.com/events/apacdevfest/.

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