October 28, 2008

Summit to Bring Secure Wi-Fi To .NET Micro Framework

Summit Data Communications, a leading provider of embedded Wi-Fi(R) solutions for business-critical mobile devices, today announced that it is developing Wi-Fi solutions for Version 3.0 of the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. An innovative development and execution environment for resource-constrained devices, the .NET Micro Framework enables fast development of embedded systems that are smart, securely connected, and easier to manage. Summit's efforts will bring secure wireless network connections to devices that run the .NET Micro Framework.

Today, Summit offers Wi-Fi solutions for mobile devices that run Windows CE, Windows Mobile(R), or Windows XP. By supporting the .NET Micro Framework, which has a significantly smaller footprint compared to these platforms and supports 32-bit embedded processors without a memory management unit, Summit is extending its Wi-Fi solutions to devices that lack the resources needed to run a version of Windows.

"With the introduction of features such as USB device support, Wi-Fi integration, Web Services for devices, and SSL support, Version 3.0 of the .NET Micro Framework enables devices to connect more securely to networks over both wired and wireless protocols," says Colin Miller, product unit manager for the .NET Micro Framework at Microsoft Corp. "By developing the first Wi-Fi drivers for the .NET Micro Framework, Summit is demonstrating the Wi-Fi support capabilities of Version 3.0."

Microsoft is launching Version 3.0 of the .NET Micro Framework today at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston. Summit's embedded Wi-Fi solutions for the .NET Micro Framework will be available for evaluation in the first quarter of 2009 and for production use beginning in the second quarter of 2009. For more information, visit www.summitdatacom.com, send an E-mail to [email protected], or call +1 330.434.7929.

About Summit

Summit Data Communications, Inc. provides embedded Wi-Fi solutions for today's business-critical mobile devices, such as mobile computers and medical devices. Summit Wi-Fi solutions are optimized for the challenging environments in which business-critical mobile devices operate, including factories, warehouses, ports, hospitals, and retail stores.

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