October 28, 2008

Optenet Enhances Content Security Solution With Bandwidth Optimization Management Capability

MIAMI, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Optenet, a global IT security company and provider of high-performance content filtering solutions, today announced it has expanded its content security solution to include a new bandwidth optimization function. Optenet Bandwidth Management (OBM) offers Internet Service Providers (ISPs) a sophisticated tool that enables highly granular, real-time network traffic control. The new feature can be utilized by service providers within their own networks and may also be offered as a value-added service to their customers.

With Optenet's bandwidth management capability, the ISP or customer administrator can monitor and control the bandwidth resources consumed by a URL connection, an IP address, or a traffic group, in efforts to reduce network congestion caused by increasingly popular practices such as streaming video, frequenting social network sites, and the downloading of large multi-media files.

"It's critical for companies to optimize bandwidth capacity for the most significant traffic, whether that's mission-critical data or the CEO's email," said Joel Silberman, vice president, North America, Optenet. "Prioritizing traffic is particularly important as businesses expand or add new, bandwidth-intensive applications, like VoIP and Web conferencing which require high-quality connectivity."

Unlike traditional bandwidth optimization offerings that indiscriminately block all bandwidth-intensive applications within a given firewall, OBM uses Optenet's unique filtering and granular categorization technology to manage resource utilization. This allows ISPs to prioritize critical traffic flow by temporarily disabling non-essential traffic when network usage thresholds reach predefined levels.

The new Optenet Bandwidth Management tool is highly customizable and allows service providers to define global, regional, business unit, workgroup and/or individualized control thresholds based on their customers' network traffic needs. Network administrators using OBM technology can:

   --  Set bandwidth usage policies by user, group, work role, network and       time of day;   --  Create upstream and downstream traffic limits, which deny new       bandwidth requests when the total traffic exceeds a predefined       threshold; and   --  Create application-specific usage limits, which deny new requests from       specific applications, particularly non-business related requests,       when the total bandwidth usage exceeds a predefined threshold.   

When a bandwidth threshold is reached, OBM automatically deactivates new requests until bandwidth demand falls below that threshold. This safeguard does not affect previously established connections.

"Competing solutions in the market are built with excessive restrictions; limiting administrators' control of what gets in or out which is also counterproductive," Silberman continued. "With Optenet's enhanced bandwidth management capability and by working through their ISP, companies can put policies in place to ensure that business-critical applications always have the maximum bandwidth they require to function flawlessly. ISPs also benefit in that they now have an advanced tool to include in their product offerings as a value-added service for customers."

About Optenet's Content Security Suite

Optenet's full suite of high-performance security software protects businesses and individual users with security capabilities including: Web filtering; antivirus, antispam, antiphishing and spyware protection; ad filtering; malicious code detection and peer-to-peer application management. The heart of the security platform is CCOTTA(TM) - the Carrier Class Optenet Transparent Traffic Analyzer - an intelligent classification engine that processes traffic based on administrative policies.

About Optenet

Optenet is a global IT security company that provides high-performance content filtering solutions to service providers and large enterprises worldwide. Optenet's technology protects 75 million end users around the globe, including the customers of many of the world's leading ISPs and mobile operators, as well as employees of global enterprise organizations. The Company is a socially conscious organization, committed to eliminating illegal content on the Internet, protecting children and supporting government agencies and non-profit organizations that share the same goal. For more information, visit http://www.optenet.com/.

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