October 28, 2008

MaxVision(R) Introduces Two New Rugged Portable Workstations at the 2008 Geospatial Intelligence Symposium

MaxVision today introduced two new rugged portable computer models, the MaxPac A Class workstation and a 'shallow depth' rack-mount computer, called the MiniRAX, during the 2008 GEOINT Symposium. The MaxPac A class workstation line is MaxVision's lightest weight, ruggedized 'lunchbox' workstation and offers the highest performance-per-pound in its rugged multi-core product lineup, along with resistive touch screen capability. The MiniRAX computer is the industry's smallest rack mount computer and operates in extreme temperature environments with a form factor of 19" wide, 1U (1.75") high and only 10" deep - ideal for military and other mobile/vehicle rack-mounted applications.

With the introduction of the MiniRAX computer, MaxVision continues its award-winning history of delivering innovative ruggedized product offerings. MaxVision developed the rugged MiniRAX, with a depth of only 10 inches, for mobile rack mounted environments that are typically hot and limited in space, especially depth. Additionally, internal software dongle clamps and an integrated metal external cable tie bracket eliminate downtime or issues caused by loose connections during transportation. Configured with an Intel Core2Duo, 4GB of RAM, an NVIDIA Quadro FX3700 graphics card, a 100GB removable SATA drive and a removable DVD or BluRay burner, the MiniRAX weighs only 9 lbs.

MaxVision also announced a new line of rugged workstations, the MaxPac A Class, for users requiring performance, expansion and capabilities that stretch beyond the limitations of rugged notebook or laptop computers. For instance, all MaxPac A class models have a patented universal power supply that can operate on almost any AC power source and a patented 'desert proven' air filtration system for operation in 0-50 degrees C. Additionally, users can choose between a high resolution LCD with or without a Resistive Touch Screen capability. All MaxPac A Class configurations provide at least one PCIe-X16 slot and an open PCI expansion slot, multi-core CPU processors, an upgradeable high-end 3D graphics adapter and the large memory and storage capacities that are typically required for intensive simulation and analysis, manipulation of massive satellite data sets and near-real-time mission assessment; tasks that are often performed by MaxVision clients.

The MaxPac A class provides a wide range of options, including either an Intel Core2Duo or Core2Quad processor, up to 8 GB of Ram, 1.5TB removable Hard Drive, NVIDIA Quadro graphics card (PCIe-x16), USB, Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet and an integrated ruggedized, waterproof keyboard and glide pad. The keyboard protects the LCD panel during transport and is part of the patented box-in-box shock isolation design. Additionally, the LCD is turned off automatically when the keyboard panel is installed (as if for transporting), but power is maintained to the rest of the system. This dual purpose feature allows the unit to quickly convert and operate as a rugged 'headless' workgroup server in-the-field.

"Both of these products are a direct result of customer requests. We are excited to offer two more products that are unique in the industry and targeted to solve critical gaps in our military's rugged computer requirements," said Bruce Imsand, MaxVision's founder and CEO. "Nearly 50% of our products are custom designed for specific agencies or contracts. We pride ourselves on designing rugged computers to solve specific needs that initially seem impossible to many of our customers."

The MiniRAX and MaxPac A class products will start shipping to customers in November.

About MaxVision

Founded in 1993, MaxVision is a manufacturer of rugged, portable and transportable server, workstations and accessories with no compromises in performance. MaxVision patent-pending designs provide extensive customization, including advanced air filtration systems, advanced power conditioning, and certified tolerance for extended runtime within 0 - 50 degrees Celsius (32 - 122 degrees Fahrenheit). MaxVision is an Intel(R) Channel Partner Premier Member, one of the 2008 INC5000 Fastest Growing Private American Companies and has won Best in Show: Most Innovative Solution at both the 2007 and 2008 Intel Solution Summits. For more information, visit www.maxvision.com.

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