October 28, 2008

Statement By Arts+Labs on Google Settlement With American Association of Publishers

Arts and Labs Co-chairs Mike McCurry and Mark McKinnon released the following statement on the Google settlement with the American Association of Publishers:

"This settlement shows that creators' rights and consumer benefit can go hand-in-hand in the Internet age. It is a victory for consumers and creators alike.

"The agreement demonstrates that collaboration between the technology community and the creative community can give consumers access to a wealth of resources while also preserving copyright owners right to control how their work is distributed online and to earn fair compensation for their creativity.

"In addition, the agreed payment by Google of at least $45 million to authors whose works were copied without their permission makes clear that the appropriation of copyright holders' works without their permission or any consideration of compensation to the creator should have costly consequences. As this settlement makes clear, copyright holders must approve the use of their works before they can be copied or distributed.

"The framework established by this agreement, if approved by the Court, should open the door to additional innovation and may potentially provide a model for legal access to other types of artistic content. This type of collaborative problem-solving is part of Arts+Lab's vision and is far preferable to years of litigation that would delay a future for the Internet that is safer, faster, more reliable and more beneficial for every consumer."

About Arts+Labs

Arts+Labs, founded in September 2008, is a coalition of the world's leading organizations founded upon the core belief that quality content drives the Internet; that distribution of easily accessible, affordable content in the Internet age requires new business models; and that creators deserve to benefit from their creativity. Arts+Labs aims to ensure that artists and innovators can easily and effectively share their creativity through new distribution channels online, secure in the confidence that their rights will be respected and their ingenuity rewarded. Our commitment to consumers is that we will work to keep them informed about how and where they can find and safely enjoy the vast array of legal, affordable, and innovative entertainment content on the Internet. Current members include AT&T, Viacom, NBC Universal, Cisco, Microsoft and the Songwriters Guild of America. For more information, go to www.artsandlabs.com.