October 29, 2008

Central Desktop Launches the Industry’s First Customer Network Extending Its Social Technology Platform With Customer-to-Customer Communication

Central Desktop, the pure web-based social technology platform for next-generation business teams, today announced the release of its content rich Customer Network to deliver deep user engagement around implementation stories and best practices linked to discussion threads, user forums and social networking communities. Customer Network members can now search and share best practices and implementation stories both within the Central Desktop Customer Network or the social networking platform of their choice such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious and Flickr. Central Desktop's Customer Network encourages deeper customer-to-customer community engagement accessible from within the Central Desktop platform.

"Central Desktop has become a key tool for us to manage and collaborate on day-to-day business operations both with internal teams as well as with customers and partners. It has essentially served as an ERP replacement for us, and I'm certain there are multitudes of other applications for the platform," said Eric Golden, CEO, Equipois. "The Network is a perfect way for our team to share our experiences as well as learn from other Central Desktop users as we continue to look for ways of web-enabling additional business operations. We have implemented Central Desktop in some unique ways that add great value to our business, and we could certainly benefit from the resourcefulness of the hundreds of thousands of other Central Desktop business users out there."

Central Desktop's launch of the Customer Network further extends its social technology platform with the additional content, connections, conversation and collaboration around user implementation stories and best practices. This marks another step forward in the company's vision to continually deliver a complete and easy to implement web-based social computing platform for businesses. Geared towards the mid-market, the company has gained significant traction via small-mid-sized businesses as well as departmental-levels of larger organizations and enterprises where teams need expensable solutions that can be deployed immediately.

"I'm proud to say that we're a customer-driven organization. Our platform has been built collaboratively over the last three years with direct feedback from our users, and what we've continued to hear is that business users need enterprise-grade functionality without enterprise solution resource requirements," said Isaac Garcia, CEO and Founder, Central Desktop, Inc. "Our pure SaaS approach has enabled us to gain traction where enterprise-oriented players have not in today's resource-constrained economy. In addition, our true multi-tenant approach allows us to rapidly add new features and functionality to our platform."

As the only complete, business-grade solution delivered solely as a service, the platform is accessible via the web from anywhere. It's easy to set up and manage and requires no software to download or hardware to upgrade. The SaaS delivery model compliments the company's subscription business model enabling Central Desktop to build a highly scalable and cash efficient business - it delivers its software to thousands of users at affordable prices. Monthly subscriptions start as low as $25/month for small teams and scales to accommodate departments, workgroups and divisions within large organizations.

About Central Desktop

Central Desktop delivers a pure web-based social technology platform for next-generation business teams to interact, share and manage their daily work activities from anywhere at anytime. Built collaboratively over the last three years with direct feedback from its users, the Central Desktop platform provides enterprise-grade functionality without enterprise solution resource requirements. Used by over 200,000 people worldwide, Central Desktop's customers represent progressive organizations with geographically dispersed teams that are committed to using innovative web 2.0 tools for business success.

Central Desktop serves organizations in technology, media, marketing & communications, professional services, architecture & design, manufacturing and many others. Its social technology platform consistently delivers a 30 percent increase in productivity while decreasing the total cost of doing business. Key Central Desktop customers include; The Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, WebCor Builders, iSoldit, Gymboree, NXTV, Chapters of the Project Management Institute and the California Office of HIPAA Implementation.

Founded in 2005, Central Desktop is a privately-held company located in Pasadena, California. For more information, visit www.centraldesktop.com.

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