October 29, 2008

Optenet Expands Content Security Solution

Optenet, a provider of content filtering solutions, has expanded its content security solution to include a new bandwidth optimization function.

According to the company, the Optenet Bandwidth Management (OBM) offers internet service providers (ISPs) a tool that enables network traffic control. The new feature can be utilized by service providers within their own networks and may also be offered as a value-added service to their customers.

With Optenet's bandwidth management capability, the ISP or customer administrator can monitor and control the bandwidth resources consumed by a URL connection, an IP address, or a traffic group, in efforts to reduce network congestion caused by practices such as streaming video, frequenting social network sites, and the downloading of multi-media files, said Optenet.

Unlike traditional bandwidth optimization offerings that indiscriminately block all bandwidth-intensive applications within a given firewall, OBM uses Optenet's filtering and granular categorization technology to manage resource utilization. This allows ISPs to prioritize critical traffic flow by temporarily disabling non-essential traffic when network usage thresholds reach predefined levels, added Optenet.

The new Optenet bandwidth management tool is customizable and allows service providers to define global, regional, business unit, workgroup and/or individualized control thresholds based on their customers' network traffic needs.

Joel Silberman, vice president for North America at Optenet, said: "It's critical for companies to optimize bandwidth capacity for the traffic, whether that's mission-critical data or the CEO's e-mail. Prioritizing traffic is particularly important as businesses expand or add new, bandwidth-intensive applications, like VoIP and Web conferencing which require high-quality connectivity."