October 29, 2008

Lumeta Maps the Internet’s Explosive Growth – Scan Reveals Over 500% Increase in Backbone Router Count During Past 10 Years

SOMERSET, N.J., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumeta, the leading provider of Network Assurance solutions for enterprises and government agencies, has determined through its proprietary scanning tool that the number of Internet backbone routers has increased by more than 5X during the past 10 years. Over 450,000 backbone routers, which provide connectivity to the major ISPs, were identified in an April, 2008 scan conducted with the company's IPsonar product.

The latest scan represents Lumeta's 10th Anniversary Internet Map and confirms that the backbone has been growing at a rapid, steady rate. This backbone represents the major connection points of the Internet and is made-up of a collection of interconnected high-capacity routers that carry data around the globe.

"It has been fascinating to see firsthand the growth of the Internet over these past 10 years," said Lumeta's Chief Operating Officer, Michael Markulec. "With this growth we see the potential for much heavier traffic in particular geographies, insufficient security in certain areas, and limited access to some ports. Understanding the nature of this growth is a way to better understanding the Internet and its challenges and limitations. This kind of insight is very valuable for businesses as they look at the growth and functionality of their own networks."

Lumeta's flagship product, IPsonar, actively scans networks to collect information such as network topology, total number of devices and their characteristics, total address space and potential network leaks. Network and security managers and executives can accurately visualize a network, drill down to analyze potential areas of risk and identify appropriate corrective actions. Organizations using the technology also receive alerts on potential issues, enabling them to work proactively toward a secure and compliant environment instead of simply reacting to issues once they have already impacted the network.

The data generated by IPsonar can be used in a variety of different ways and allows for a snapshot of a particular geographical area, company or organization. Usage examples include:

   --  Get a clear view of all of the ways an organization is connected       through its ISP and the ISP's connections several hops out to discover       any unsafe connections;   --  Decide whether or not it is worth outsourcing to a particular area       (e.g., if an organization outsources operations to a country or city       that has only a few connections and those connections fail, the       organization will then experience losses which must be weighed against       the other costs saved by outsourcing);   --  Demonstrate path efficiency (e.g., fewer hops between points means a       path is shorter, more efficient, and more optimized); this information       can be used when deciding where to base operations (i.e., a location       with a more optimized path might be good for an organizations' IT       headquarters) or if the scan is performed within an organization, it       can show a business how efficient its network is (as well as any risk       points within the network);   --  View all IPv6 nodes and understand what percentage are owned by which       geographical entities; and   --  Discover what devices have unauthorized connectivity to and/or from       the Internet.    About Lumeta Corporation  

Lumeta empowers large enterprise and government agencies with global network visibility, allowing them to understand how network change affects security, availability, and compliance.

Lumeta's IPsonar is the industry's only network assurance solution that discovers and maps every asset on a network, including assets not currently under management. This capability enables IT professionals to analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns, and automate the enforcement of network policies.

With this level of network assurance, IT organizations can harden security, improve business continuity, and deploy new services without impacting its ability to deliver existing services.

For more information, visit the Lumeta Web site at http://www.lumeta.com/.

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