October 29, 2008

myProducer.TV Launches With a Mission to Become the Most Powerful Producer in Hollywood

myProducer.tv (http://www.myproducer.tv/), a social media and micro-financing site for the film space, will redefine the way films are created with its official launch today.

The mission of the new site is to change the film industry by solving the three most common pain points in independent filmmaking: Financing, Audience Building and Distribution. myProducer believes it will help disrupt the studio model as it exists today by allowing the public to participate and determine which films are made through contributions of time and money, and by providing data analytical tools that help all filmmakers truly understand their audience. The interactive website has all the social networking tools of popular social media sites, video streaming capabilities of YouTube and micro-financing fundraising tools similar to those used by the Barack Obama campaign. Filmmakers ranging from individual hobbyists to fully staffed studios can now receive feedback and financing from their audiences and develop content based on the opinions of participating film lovers.

myProducer, which launches in Public BETA today, allows visitors to create a free profile and use established social networking tools to build friend, fan and business networks with those sharing a similar passion for film and entertainment content. Through their profile and networks, filmmakers are able to create an open forum of discussions regarding film content, casting, crew, editing, as well as find producers and financial backing.

"We believe the business model of the film industry has long created a barrier to allow quality content to be produced by competent and talented filmmakers," says CEO of myProducer Edward Vincent. "There are three major obstacles for the independent artist: Financing, Audience Engagement and Distribution. myProducer is solving those issues by providing the tools and partners that support the industry on a micro level."

In addition to a free profile, myProducer filmmakers will have the option of upgrading their accounts to create private collaboration areas allowing special access to their crew members to use myProducer as a virtual studio - crew members can work together even while traveling or if they live in different cities. Filmmakers can also invite other members and fans to be a producer on these projects through myProducer and gain valuable financial contributions and feedback.

myProducer has entered the film and social media scene to provide a valuable new tool and outlet for filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike. myProducer has already earned extensive support from the traditional entertainment industry, national media companies and national advertisers who support the overall mission of myProducer and the independent film industry. Supporters include prominent Hollywood screenwriter Scott Rosenberg (Beautiful Girls, Con Air, High Fidelity, Gone in Sixty Seconds), rising Latina actress Paula Garces (Clockstoppers, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, The Shield, Knight Rider), Impre Media, the #1 Hispanic News and information company in the United States and advertisers such as Esurance.

myProducer will connect with aspiring film makers at colleges nationwide through "Six Degrees of myProducer," a television show being broadcast at over 200 college and universities throughout the United States, partnerships with consumer brands, association with well-known actors and directors and speaking engagements by CEO Edward Vincent at film schools nationwide. For more information on myProducer.tv and to build your own profile log on to http://www.myproducer.tv.

About myProducer

Founded in January 2007, myProducer is a social utility that helps filmmakers, content creators and film fans communicate and collaborate more efficiently with their friends, fans, coworkers and business contacts. The company leverages and develops technology tools that empower information sharing, micro-financing and collaboration through predictive social mapping, content filtering and real-world business applications for art and commerce. Anyone can sign up for myProducer and interact with the people they know, want to know or have a specified relationship with in a trusted and protected environment. myProducer is changing the way content creators, financiers, and distributors view the relationship with their consuming public and work together to achieve the most efficient and relevant path from creation to consumption. myProducer is a funded, privately-held company and is headquartered in New York City.

Edward Vincent, Founder & CEO

With more than 13 years of business management, consulting and marketing experience, Ed has become a seasoned entrepreneur building various types of businesses. Ed's first business was a real estate valuation firm during the refinancing boom of the early 90s where he ran the business from his college dorm room with his lap top, fax machine and roommate included.

Ed's background includes over six years in corporate valuation and investment banking. He was the founder and CEO of Citystuff, Inc, a nationwide e-commerce network connecting hundreds of small to medium sized businesses, which was acquired in 2001.

As founder of Vincent Partners Group of Companies, Ed has developed an entertainment and consumer brand management firm with controlling and minority ownership interests in assets that include:

Vincent Partners (a marketing communications agency), Solomar Productions (an on location photo shoot production company), L&A Artist (a photographer and artist rep agency), Systems Venture Technologies (an off-shore development company with offices in India and Bangladesh), Dominican International Film Festival (an annual international film festival in the Dominican Republic), and T Sports Entertainment (a sports marketing firm).

Ed is the founder and Co-Director of The Kate Shea Foundation, a foundation dedicated raising awareness and providing funds to select Leukemia research organizations and financial assistance to further the cultural and academic education of youths as they strive to understand and accept global diversity as a reality.