October 29, 2008

Mitrionics Announces Hybrid Computing Development System Based on Intel(R) Quad-Core, Dual-Socket Server With Low Latency Front Side Bus (FSB) Interface

Mitrionics, Inc., developer of the Mitrion(TM) Virtual Processor and the Mitrion Software Acceleration Platform, today announced its Mitrionics MVP620 Hybrid Computing Server accelerated computing solution based on an Intel(R) Server Systems SR1500ALR with a 2.5 GHz Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor. The Dual-Socket Accelerated Server will include licenses for two Mitrion Virtual Processors (MVP), the XtremeData, Inc.(TM) XD2000i(TM) Front Side Bus (FSB) socket based accelerator hardware each with dual Altera(R) Stratix(TM) III FPGAs, plus the Mitrion Software Development Kit with parallel programming language and working example code. This new MVP620 Hybrid Computing Server is the first of its kind that integrates hardware with an MVP, and a complete parallel programming environment in a single, off-the-shelf solution.

"The world of computation is changing for good reasons," stated Mike Calise, executive vice president and general manager of Mitrionics, Inc. "The industry has finally arrived at the point where hybrid computing is no longer relegated to exotic supercomputers. This package is commercially available, inexpensive, and since we're solving the programming hurdle for FPGAs, makes the greenest accelerator alternative accessible to our customers."

"Certain classes of applications are exploring the use of the combination of Intel processors and FPGA's for accelerating performance," said Thor Sewell, Director of Technical Computing Marketing of Intel(R)'s Server Platform Group. "Now customers have an easy way to explore speedup of certain domain specific codes by implementing them directly in Intel processor-based hardware with the Mitrionics MVP."

"We are starting to see increased adoption of accelerators of all types, and the FPGA offerings from Mitrionics might be particularly compelling for applications such as genome informatics or large-scale internet search," said Addison Snell, VP of Tabor Research. "The fundamental difference for recent FPGA adoption lies in the reduced memory latency handled well by using a socket approach. These emerging, non-traditional application areas represent the highest potential growth in high-performance computing."

Mitrionics Hybrid Computing Development Systems are designed for industry, academics, government agencies, genome centers, data services providers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) that are interested in exploring the benefits of breakthrough hybrid computing architectures in practical workstation or server configurations. The applications that benefit from a system with at least two optimized compute processor types are those within genome informatics, Internet data processing, business process optimization, and most non 64-bit floating point HPC applications. These demanding integer-centric codes benefit from the variable bit width operations and fine grain parallelism inherent to Altera FPGA-based co-processors tightly coupled with Intel's fastest CPUs.

The system allows you to write accelerated algorithm code for a dedicated MVP data parallel co-processor within a fully integrated XD2000i "In-Socket Accelerator" (ISA) from XtremeData, Inc. This Altera based ISA is tightly "memory coupled" to the world's fastest CPUs from Intel through the industry standard front side bus (FSB) interface. The dual-socket servers can be configured to operate standalone, or stacked in a cluster for highly dense green computing. The Mitrionics MVP620 Hybrid Computing Server is scheduled for availability in Q4 2008 with a list price of $24,900 USD.

"The fast fabric and I/O capabilities of Stratix III FPGAs are validated in the Mitrionics platform by achieving FSB speed," said Dr. Misha Burich, Altera's senior vice president of research and development. "Stratix III FPGAs fully integrated into the XD2000i ISA demonstrate the benefits of the digital signal processing architecture for algorithms with floating point data."

Mitrionics MVP620 Hybrid Computing Server details

 --  Dual Mitrion Virtual Processors --  Mitrion Software Development Kit with one year email support --  Intel dual-socket server with a single 2.5GHz Intel Xeon processor,     4GB DDR2 667 (2X2 GB) --  XtremeData XD2000i in-socket accelerator with dual Altera Stratix III     3S260E FPGAs, 16MB SRAM --  CentOS 5.1 Linux Operating System --  1U Standard Rack Height --  650 Watt Autoswitching power supply      

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Founded in 2001 and privately held, Mitrionics offers accelerated hybrid computing solutions. The Mitrion Virtual Processor (MVP) and the Mitrion Software Acceleration Platform accelerate a wide range of computing applications by exploiting the massively parallel and limitless internal bandwidth of standard FPGA architectures. Our products and services deliver a greener computing alternative, enabling 10x-100x performance increases and 90% less power consumption. Mitrionics' customers are focused on adopting hybrid computing architectures to meet the exponential rise of compute requirements without adding additional watts to the computer system. The most noted users of MVP come from the areas of genome informatics, internet data processing and business process optimization. Mitrionics has key industry partnerships with processor companies Intel, AMD, Xilinx, and Altera, systems vendors HP and SGI, and accelerator module suppliers XtremeData and Nallatech. Mitrionics is privately held and located in Lund, Sweden and Los Gatos, CA. For information, visit the company Web site at www.mitrionics.com, or call 408-395-3247, or email: [email protected]

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