October 29, 2008

Miraval Resort and Spa Select Nortel for Unified Communications Solution

US-based Miraval Resort and Spa has selected Nortel to provide unified communications solution.

According to Nortel, its solution for Miraval Tucson includes Ethernet Routing Switch 8600, Ethernet Routing Switch 5520, Communication Server 1000 and IP Phone 1100 Series desk sets.

Joel Hackney, president for enterprise solutions at Nortel, said: "With Nortel's IP data infrastructure purpose-built for unified communications, Miraval can be confident that they are serving guests using one of the most reliable and cost-effective communications systems in the industry.

"These products are third-party proven to provide 20 times better performance and seven times more resiliency than our chief competition while consuming up to 40% less energy and costing less than half as much to own and operate."