October 29, 2008

Open Source Visionaries Speak at UC Berkeley Boot Camp; Event Marks Invention of Ingres Code on Campus 30 Years Ago

WHAT: Nearly thirty years after the original Ingres database code (today it is open source code) was developed at UC Berkeley, representatives of the company and other open source leaders return to host a one-day student boot camp organized especially for UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate computer science and engineering students.

Students and the media are invited to meet and greet leading industry business leaders and engineers and learn about open source, a skill that is in high IT market demand. The camp will teach students practical open source software skills and speakers will share visionary software perspectives and strategies with all attendees. The camps main goal is to help students understand the value of open source-based technologies and techniques, and business models. In addition, it will expose them to the extraordinary support offered inside open source communities today, for students and professionals alike.

In addition, the program will include panels on open source databases and the Google Summer of Code.

WHO: Accomplished open source business leaders and engineers will be there to share their knowledge with students, including:

-- Brian Behlendorf, former UC Berkeley student, Apache Founder, Mozilla Board Member, and CollabNet Founder will speak about "Seven Things I Wish I'd Learned at Cal about Being an Open Source Developer"

-- Whurley, William Hurley, Open Source Consortium Chairman, BMC Chief Open Source Architect will speak about "The Collaborator's Paradox"

-- Eric Allman, Sendmail Founder will speak about "Starting an Open Source Based Company"

-- Emma McGrattan, Ingres SVP of Engineering will speak about "The Six Myths of Open Source"

-- Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick, Usenix Association Board Member will speak about "Building and Running an Open Source Community: the FreeBSD Project"

-- Karsten "Quaid" Wade, Fedora Project Sr. Community Gardener will speak about "The Open Source Lifestyle - Classroom to Career and Beyond"

-- Jeremy Hankinson, Ingres Senior Software Engineer will speak about "Debugging an Open Source Application using GDB and Other Open Source Tools"

WHY: Students with open source skills on their resumes upon graduation have the potential to thrive in today's marketplace. Bluewolf, a U.S.-based IT staffing company reports there's a shortage of talented open source developers. Additionally, The O'Reilly Report recently found that 15% of IT positions now on the market call for open source software skills, and the number of open source-related job postings by large businesses is approximately 1 in 52, or about 1.9% (pretty good as this refers to all enterprise jobs, not just IT positions). OS Bootcamps reach out to campuses worldwide to help fill the gap as universities continue to build more open source classes into their curriculums.

WHEN: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 12:00 p.m. PT - 7:00 p.m. PT

WHERE: UC Berkeley Campus, Bechtel Building, Room 120 A, B.

MORE INFO: http://www.osbootcamp.org/ (includes full agenda)

TO REGISTER: http://www.osbootcamp.org/register.php

MEDIA CONTACT: Allyson Stinchfield, Atomic Public Relations, (415) 402-0230, [email protected]