October 30, 2008

New Application Troubleshooting Guide Shows Network Engineers Best Practices for Troubleshooting Application Problems

Fluke Networks, provider of innovative Network SuperVision Solutions(TM) for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks, announces the availability of a new publication, the "Application Troubleshooting Guide." This new guide helps network engineers understand how applications flow across the network and how they fail, and provides a five-step process for troubleshooting application problems when they occur.

"This paper is one of the best overall tutorials on network troubleshooting I've ever encountered," said Steven Taylor of Webtorials. "It starts with a concise yet amazingly complete section that covers all of the basic elements of today's networks. After all, you need to understand how the network operates in order to know how to fix it if something goes wrong."

This new 94-page guide helps users solve the frustrating problem of identifying whether the cause of performance degradation is coming from the client, the servers, the network, or the behavior of the application itself. The "Application Troubleshooting Guide" covers the basics with sections on the TCP Protocol, the life of a packet and DNS lookup, providing network engineers with the fundamentals needed to understand and triage problems.

A major section of this new publication is "Five Key Steps to Successful Application Troubleshooting." Network engineers who read the Application Troubleshooting Guide will learn how to:

 1) Determine the domain of the problem and exonerate the network. 2) Conduct an Application flow analysis. 3) Fix the problem. 4) Validate the fix. 5) Document the fix. 

Network engineers that follow the process described in this publication will solve problems more quickly and often learn that the network is not the actual cause.

"The information in this guide will be a great resource for anyone who deals with real-world application issues," said Dr. Phil Hippensteel, Professor of Information Systems at Penn State University and a major contributor to the Application Troubleshooting Guide. "I plan to use it in my classroom, and give the students a glimpse of what network engineers face every day."

Download the "Application Troubleshooting Guide" free of charge

The "Application Troubleshooting Guide" is available at no charge from Fluke Networks' web site. It is part of Fluke Networks "Application Troubleshooting Resource Center for Network Engineers." More details can be found by clicking on "Guide to Troubleshooting Application Problems."

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