October 30, 2008

Internet Broadcasting Extends and Expands WebTrends Relationship

NEW YORK, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Internet Broadcasting, the leading local Internet solution provider for broadcast publishers and advertisers targeting local markets, today announced the signing of a new multi-year deal to continue using WebTrends Analytics On Demand(TM) to measure and optimize web content across the IB Local Network of sites.

The agreement follows the conclusion of a successful two-year partnership between WebTrends, Inc., a leading provider of web analytics and online marketing solutions, and Internet Broadcasting.

"WebTrends has helped spur our growth by increasing visitor engagement and by helping us serve new customers and strategic partnerships, from our TV broadcast partners to CNN," said David Lebow, CEO of Internet Broadcasting. "WebTrends has successfully proven its ability to scale its analytics services to meet our ever-growing customer volume, on top of the demands of our media customers, for fast, detailed insight."

Since adopting WebTrends Analytics On Demand in 2006, Internet Broadcasting has grown to a network of 76 sites, with monthly visits increasing 61 percent to 110 million. Monthly page views have also increased 55 percent, now totaling more than a half billion. Internet Broadcasting has used WebTrends Analytics On Demand to:

-- Measure and analyze more than 3 billion visits, including more than 14 billion page views and 380 million video streams network-wide.

-- Obtain precise, high-value insights, such as detailed breakdowns of visitor content usage across dozens of site sections and hundreds of thousands of unique news stories, leveraging more than 300 constantly updated custom reports.

-- Meet rigorous media customer requirements for timely analysis after major news-driven traffic spikes.

-- Optimize content, leveraging impression and click data to double the click-through rate and effective CPM of business development links in just one month.

"Prior to using WebTrends, we had limited visibility into which links were truly driving top results for our advertising partners and a difficult time optimizing for top revenue yield per click," said Erik Greenberger, VP Revenue Business Development of Internet Broadcasting. "We began using WebTrends in September to track impressions and clicks on individual links within our Links We Like module. This enabled us to understand CTR for individual links and ECPM for the unit overall. Once the WebTrends data came in, we've been optimizing Links We Like performance by selecting the top-performing partner links based upon CTR, and have seen a dramatic lift (approximately 67 percent) in the performance."

"The mutual innovation of our two companies has created an extremely successful platform for TV broadcasters and local, targeted advertising online," said Alex Yoder, CEO of WebTrends. "This platform provides a winning combination of services as more publishers expand their online presence."

About Internet Broadcasting

IB is the leading local media network that builds powerful solutions -- products, content, and advertising -- that make it easier for publishers and advertisers to reach engaged audiences in relevant environments.

IB's premiere partnerships include CNN, Cox Television, Hearst-Argyle Television, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, Meredith Broadcasting, NBC, Post-Newsweek Stations, Scripps, ABC and Telemundo among others. For more information, visit: http://www.ibsys.com/

About WebTrends Inc.

WebTrends provides web analytics and online marketing solutions to optimize marketing campaigns and customer engagement. WebTrends Marketing Lab delivers the industry's most recognized analytics, SEM, and visitor intelligence solutions to enable companies to understand their customers, drive customer engagement, and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Thousands of leading global organizations, including Microsoft, Reuters, General Mills and Ticketmaster, have chosen WebTrends business solutions and client services expertise to optimize their customers' online experiences. For more information, visit: http://www.webtrends.com/

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Internet Broadcasting

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