October 30, 2008

OVGuide.Com Gives Viewers an Online Scare

OVGuide.com, the Internet's most comprehensive guide to online video sites with more than 10 million unique visitors a month, today announced the top Halloween-related online video destinations. OVGuide.com has formed a special 'Halloween Editor's Pick' channel, dedicated to spooky online video sites to help viewers get a good scare: http://www.ovguide.com/editorspicks-halloween2008.html.

 The top five most popular Halloween sites on OVGuide.com in October were:     1.  Zombie Cinema (http://zombiemovies.blogspot.com/)     2.  Horror Cinema (http://horrormoviescinema.blogspot.com/)     3.  Zombie Movies / Games (http://www.zombiemoviesandgames.com/)     4.  TerrorFeed (http://www.terrorfeed.com/)     5.  Fear.net (http://www.fearnet.com/videos/index.html) 

Additionally, with the presidential election just a few days away, OVGuide.com experienced a 42% increase from last month in searches for videos related to politics.

 The most popular political search terms on OVGuide.com in October were:     1.  Sarah Palin     2.  Barack Obama     3.  Presidential debate     4.  John McCain     5.  W, Bush the Movie Top five overall searches:     1.  High School Musical 3     2.  Heroes     3.  Max Payne     4.  Saw 5     5.  Gossip Girl Top five genres:     1.  Movies / TV     2.  Anime     3.  Asian / Bollywood     4.  Games     5.  Sports 

"Halloween wouldn't be complete without a good scare and there are plenty of free horror videos available online to get us ready. OVGuide.com provides the simplicity of finding just the right amount of spook you are looking for," said Chad Cooper, OVGuide.com marketing and editorial content director. "We are seeing a huge demand for our service as more and more consumers are turning to the Web for online videos and need a tool to help them navigate through all the noise."

Additionally, for a chance to win $1,000, enter OVGuide.com's 'Suggest a Site' contest at www.ovguide.com/post.html.

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SOURCE: OVGuide.com