October 30, 2008

SuperNote Live on blogTV – The Controversy Over the Largest User Collaboration of 2008 Will Be Settled Live on blogTV

NEW YORK, October 30 /PRNewswire/ -- SuperNote is an innovative video experiment to find who can hold the longest vocal note on Youtube.

SuperNote began on Monday, Sept. 22nd and continues through Friday, Oct. 31st.

What started as a fun experiment has quickly turned into the largest Youtube user collaboration of 2008. The live show will be broadcasted on ShayCarl's blogTV profile page: http://www.blogtv.com/People/shaycarl

Super-popular web celebrities including Michael Buckley (What the Buck?), iJustine http://www.blogtv.com/people/ijustine, Charles Trippy http://www.blogtv.com/People/charlestrippy, Brookers, Nalts, thehill88, ShayCarl, Katers17, David Choi, Edbassmaster, and Wicked Awesome Films are serving as team captains. Other popular creators such as Mr. Safety and Tay Zonday have already submitted their SuperNotes, and even TV celebrities like Melora Hardin (Jan from NBC's The Office) have joined in the fun.

Over 1500 individual Youtube users have submitted videos, dwarfing other previous video contests, and SuperNote videos now total over 1 million views after only 2 weeks.

SuperNote Controversy

Shortly after SuperNote began, many people complained of cheating competitors and questioned the quality of the top notes in the standings. People have been submitting videos where they discuss the initial SuperNote rules, question the top notes, and offer their opinion on what should be done. This controversy has increased the interest and continued momentum of SuperNote, as well as raised the need to settle the controversy over a live broadcast.

SuperNote Live

What better way to settle the controversy and choose the real SuperNote winner than to have finalists make their note live on the internet? SuperNote Live will be broadcasted on blogTV, on Saturday November 8th between 6pm to 12am ET. It will include guest video appearances by the team captains, live music performances by Rhett&Link, and of course, live video appearances from the selected finalists. Notes will be timed throughout the broadcast, and an official winner will be selected live on blogTV.

BlogTV is a live social broadcasting network that attracts many of the top online video broadcasters. The live streaming platform enables anyone with a webcam and computer to not only create their own live TV shows but to also interact with their live audience. Guy Alon Eliav, CEO of blogTV said "The key to the success of a platform like blogTV is entertaining and informative user generated content. Our focus on original live UGC content proves itself in the stats. The company's internal data shows a consistent double figures monthly growth during the last few quarters."

About blogTV.com

Launched in June 2007, blogTV.com is a leader in LIVE UGC social networking and is a popular web location where viewers from all over the world can come share their original personal talents and opinions, LIVE!

In September alone, blogTV hosted over 20,000 different broadcasters that broadcasted their own original unique shows

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CONTACT: Contact: Haim Mashiah, Head of Marketing, [email protected],+1-646-736-7449, and +1-646-652-6160.