October 30, 2008

Support.Com Offers “Out of the Box” Holiday Cheer to Baby Boomers on Your List

According to a study by support.com, the leader in solving personal computer problems quickly over a broadband connection, computers have become an integral part of life for 91% of Baby Boomers, so it's a natural that high tech gifts are likely to top many Boomer's wish lists. But what happens when simple set-up turns into a nightmare? Make sure your thoughtful gift will make it out of the box in a timely manner by including remote tech support from support.com to head off Holiday headaches.

The gift of remote tech support is the perfect complement to this season's hottest tech gifts for Boomers who, despite the fact that they're dependent on their PCs, feel palpable frustration when dealing with a high-tech issue. Boomers often let computer issues go unaddressed for as long as 12 days, and one in three has considered hitting, throwing or otherwise harming a piece of technology out of frustration!

"Digital cameras, photo printers, MP3 players and personal computers continue to top holiday gift lists this year, but there is nothing worse than knowing that your heartfelt gift may cause frustration or sit in the box because it's too difficult to set up," said Anthony Rodio, chief operating officer, support.com. "support.com makes it easy to give the gift of remote expert tech support, including easy digital camera and MP3 player setup, training and more, by offering festive gift cards for some of our most popular services."

support.com is ready to solve your holiday headaches with a team of expert North America-based Solutions Engineers who are empathetic to technology neophytes. Using a secure remote connection they can access your home PC to install a printer, walk a novice through the set up and use of a digital camera, or ensure a computer is working at its peak performance.

Giving the gift of expert tech support has never been easier. Beginning in November, consumers visiting www.support.com can purchase printable or emailable gift cards for popular services. To redeem, recipients simply call 1-800-PC-Support where an expert Solutions Engineer will securely connect to the computer and deliver the service in everyday language, saving Boomers the trouble of a visit to the repair shop or inviting a technician into the home.

Gift cards are available for the following services: Digital Camera, MP3 Player or Printer Setup and Training, Tune and Protect, Wireless Network Setup and Comprehensive Problem Resolution. For more information, visit www.support.com or call 1-800-PC-Support. Cost for services vary, $49 - $129.

Research Findings

In June 2008, support.com conducted a survey of Baby Boomers that revealed that their renowned 'do-it-yourself' approach to tackling problems often causes frustration when computer issues aren't easily solved:

 --  Boomers' first reaction when faced with frustrating technology is to     "Tune In and Turn On," striving to fix a problem themselves, often without     even opening the manual.  But, when their tenacity fails and frustration     mounts, a computer problem can go unattended for as long as 12 days.      --  Frustration can bring out the worst: more than a third (34 percent)     have entertained the thought of hitting, smashing, throwing or otherwise     harming their PC when it malfunctions.      --  Most Boomers who have tried to fix their computers themselves have     done so out of impatience (30 percent) or because they simply did not know     what to do (17 percent).      --  For Boomers, the most important considerations when getting a computer     fixed are that it is fixed quickly (35 percent) and cost-effectively (20     percent) without needing to lug the computer to the shop (30 percent),     which makes remote tech support an ideal solution.      

Editor's note: Customized screenshots of the gift certificates, including all six designs are available by request.

The support.com Boomer survey was conducted online by Kelton Research from June 4th to June 6th, 2008. Quotas are set to ensure a reliable and accurate representation of Americans ages 42 to 62. In this particular study, the chances are 95 in 100 that a survey result does not vary, plus or minus, by more than 4.9 percentage points from the result that would be obtained if interview had been conducted with all persons in the universe represented by the sample.

About support.com

support.com(R), a leading provider in the growing remote technology services space, wants to fundamentally change the way people fix technology problems. Previously, a computer meltdown meant pleading phone calls to tech-savvy friends and family, a trip to the computer store or a long wait for a technician to arrive and fix it. support.com's suite of tools mean a qualified technician can diagnose and repair most technology problems quickly over the phone, typically for less than the cost of in-store or in-home service. Additionally, support.com's services can happen while you watch, so they are ideal for people who are concerned about privacy and security. The company behind support.com is SupportSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRT), which provides software and services that make technology work. SupportSoft's solutions reduce technology support costs, improve customer satisfaction and enable new revenue streams for companies reaching 50 million users worldwide.

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