October 30, 2008

World Omni Financial Adopts IBM Software to Automate Business Processes

World Omni Financial, an automotive servicing company, has adopted IBM software to automate paper-based business processes and improve operating excellence.

World Omni and its subsidiaries will now use IBM FileNet software, which will increase its straight-through processing and result in the automatic adjudication of previously manual work steps.

The relationship will allow World Omni's CenterOne Financial Services (CenterOne) third-party servicing unit to access critical information on demand and take its services to a new level of operating excellence. As a result of using FileNet, work is expected to be completed faster with a lower degree of errors and edits. The company has also gained the capacity to monitor process performance metrics using IBM Cognos.

Using IBM's FileNet enterprise content management and business intelligence software from IBM Cognos, CenterOne is expected to increase the productivity and quality of its operations and effectiveness of its associates through process automation. The company has also gained a business process management capability that it is using to improve additional processes throughout the business. Also, an additional benefit resulting from the use of IBM's content management technology is that the company has reduced its paper usage by approximately 169,000 pages annually.