October 30, 2008

The Spokane County Library District Connects People to Resources Using Qwest High-Speed Network Services

When the Spokane County Library District decided to upgrade its wide-area data network, it chose Qwest's (NYSE: Q) Ethernet platform to deliver its portfolio of online resources to library users across the district.

With Qwest's Ethernet services, eight of Spokane County's libraries are connected with speeds up to 20 megabits per second. Funding for this network is provided in part by the federal E-Rate program - which helps make acquiring new technology affordable for school and library districts across the country.

This high-speed network gives the district's 111,540 cardholders the ability to view online catalogs, place resource holds and manage their library accounts from wherever they are, seamlessly. That is especially important for a district covering more than 1,700 square miles and serving both rural and urban communities.

"Our goal is to provide uniform service to all areas of the county," said Priscilla Ice, IT manager for the Spokane County Library District. "With Qwest's network, anyone, in any part of the district, can access library resources with the speed and reliability once limited to a few."

In addition to Ethernet, Qwest provides the district with Internet, wireless Internet and long distance. Working together, these services support the day-to-day operations at each library location with unsurpassed reliability.

"In an increasingly online world, Qwest's industry-leading solutions equip libraries, like the Spokane County Library District, to meet the expectations of today's Web-savvy public," said Teresa Taylor, executive vice president, Qwest Business Markets Group.

In 2008, four school districts in Colorado, New Mexico and Washington announced the application of E-Rate funding to deploy cost-effective Ethernet networks from Qwest. Ethernet provides local area network (LAN)-to-LAN connectivity between two or more customer locations, and is suitable for data applications that include data file transfer, Internet access, off-site data storage and access to hosting, outsourced mail and file server service, and outsourced application service.

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