October 30, 2008

JMR to Showcase Groundbreaking BlueStor PeSAN Storage Arrays and Desktop SAS/SATA RAID Products at 2008 DV Expo

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- DV EXPO 2008 -- JMR Electronics, Inc. (http://www.jmr.com/), a leading technology provider of scalable storage systems for video and data intensive applications, will showcase their new line of BlueStor(TM) PeSAN(TM) RAID storage solutions at the 2008 DV Expo in Los Angeles, November 5th - 6th. Also being unveiled at the JMR booth (# 412) will be the company's newest BlueStor 888(TM) desktop storage subsystem: An 8-bay SAS/SATA JBOD (RAID optional) or all-in-one server, with SFF-8088 mini-SAS host connectivity, ideal for SD/HD content creation and the SMB/SoHo computer server and storage expansion markets.

At the booth, the BlueStor product line will be demonstrating multi-stream real-time HD playback displayed on a 40-inch HD monitor. The BlueStor PeSAN RAID line was developed to be the ultimate in high-performance Direct Attached or Networked Attached Storage for content creation, VOD, video editing and 2K/4K Digital Intermediate (DI) film applications requiring extremely high sustained throughput and reliability. A single 16-bay 3U RAID array with up to 16TB using SATA HDDs or 4.8TB using SAS HDDs, delivers over 1,400 MB/s. This exceeds the performance requirements for multi-stream SD, HD and 2K DI applications. For collaborative or multi-stream SD/HD and 2K/4K DI workflows requiring even higher performance and scalable storage, BlueStor PeSAN powered RAIDs can achieve up to 4,000 MB/s and be expanded to over 4,000 TB using the current JMR PeSAN technology.

The BlueStor 888 is a small, light and quiet 8-bay desktop storage solution for your Mac or PC that delivers over 350 MB/s, stores up to 8 TB and occupies a stealthy 7.5" x 11". The groundbreaking 8-bay SAS/SATA RAID desktop solution is ideal for SD or HD content creation and video editing applications requiring the utmost in speed, capacity and reliability on a budget. The BlueStor 888 can provide up to 8 TB of additional storage using a 3 Gb/s SAS expander, and also comes in an 8-bay server or 8-bay NAS appliance offering.

Recently, JMR successfully developed patented disruptive storage technology based on the PCIe standard that brings ultra high-performance, high availability and low-cost designs to market. The company's new strategy for PCIe based 'Direct-Attached Storage' and 'Network-Attached Storage' is expected to become the standard for small-to-medium and medium-to-large scale deployments over a broad range of IT and video applications.

The 2008 DV Expo (http://www.dvexpo.com/) is from Tuesday, November 4th to Thursday, November 6th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. JMR Electronics will be located at booth number 412.

About JMR Electronics, Inc.

JMR (http://www.jmr.com/) is the Leading Value Provider of Scalable Storage Systems for Performance, Capacity and Availability Driven Applications in the Government, Rich Media, VOD, Video Surveillance and Web 2.0 markets. JMR has been providing OEMs, resellers and government contractors' award- winning solutions since 1982.

About BlueStor(TM) PeSAN(TM)

JMR's BlueStor PeSAN Technology utilizes off-the-shelf PCIe RAID cards from a variety of popular manufacturers, all 100 percent compatibility assured. SAS or SATA disk drives can be used interchangeably in the array allowing for very diverse customization options. Disk drives are installed vertically rather than horizontally to improve SAS signal integrity and to maximize airflow, resulting in the coolest-operating disk drives possible. Only one multilane cable is used in the data path in order to maintain the flexibility of interchangeable RAID controllers.

Implemented into the storage infrastructure, the PCIe standard will dramatically improve performance and workflow efficiencies, as well as lowering the total cost of ownership due to the dramatic decrease in footprint, heat, cooling needs, etc. This coupled with massive price decreases provides a clear alternative to expensive InfiniBand, Fibre Channel and SCSI solutions.

For more information about JMR Electronics or the BlueStor PeSAN product line, visit http://www.jmr.com/ or contact the company at (818) 993-4801, or [email protected]

BlueStor(TM) and PeSAN(TM) and BlueStor 888(TM) are trademarks or registered trademarks of JMR Electronics. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged.

Visit JMR -- booth #412 at the 2008 DV Expo

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