October 30, 2008

Silicon Valley Leaders to Denounce Prop 8 in Newspaper Ad

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The leadership of the nation's high-tech industry feels so strongly that Prop 8 is wrong and unfair, that a coalition of key leaders is running a full page advertisement in a major daily newspaper urging Californians to vote NO on Prop 8. The ad, running in Friday's San Jose Mercury News, includes a list of "Who's Who of the Silicon Valley", including the founders and CEOs of Google, Yahoo!, Adobe Systems and Cisco Systems.

Prop 8 would eliminate the fundamental right to marry for same-sex couples in California by amending the state's Constitution.

Jerry Yang, co-Founder of Yahoo! Inc. said, "Silicon Valley has always been an example for the rest of the country of how diversity and openness help to drive innovation and value creation. This divisive measure is the antithesis of those values that make Silicon Valley so unique."

Chuck Geschke, Founder & Chairman, Adobe Systems Inc, said, "Equal rights under the law is one of the cornerstones of our California constitution and one of the guiding values for Silicon Valley leaders. Prop 8 would take the extreme step of amending our constitution to strip rights away from one group of people."

"Today prominent leaders from across California -- and around the nation -- have become part of the NO on Prop 8 campaign," said Geoff Kors, a NO on Prop 8 Executive Committee Member. "We welcome the support and leadership of these technology and business leaders who believe Prop 8 is unfair and must be defeated and we look forward to seeing that number grow."

Below is the text of the ad:

Silicon Valley Leaders Urge You to Stand for Equality. Vote No on Proposition 8.

As Silicon Valley leaders, we are committed to equality and fairness. We are opposed to Proposition 8 because it would change our state constitution to take away rights from one group of people. It would set our state, and our country, back in the fight for fundamental fairness and equal rights.

Please join us by reaching out to friends and neighbors and asking them to stand for fairness: Vote No on Proposition 8 on November 4th.

   Silicon Valley Leaders Say NO on Proposition 8:   (titles are for identification purposes only)    HONORARY CO-CHAIRS   Sergey Brin, Founder, Google, Inc.   Bill Campbell, Chairman, Intuit Inc.   David Filo, Founder, Yahoo! Inc.   Chuck Geschke, Founder & Chairman, Adobe Systems, Inc.   John Morgridge, Former CEO & Chairman, Cisco Systems, Inc.   Pierre Omidyar, Founder and Chairman, eBay Inc., Founding Partner, Omidyar   Network   Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook   Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, Inc.   Jerry Yang, Founder, Yahoo! Inc.    LEADERS (partial list)   Deborah Barber, Principal, Jackson Hole Group   John Battelle, Chairman & CEO, Federated Media   Larry Birenbaum, Former Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems, Inc.   Lorna Borenstein, President, Move, Inc.   Larry Brilliant, Executive Director, Google.org   Owen Byrd, President, Byrd Development   John Chisholm, Chairman & CEO, CustomerSat, Inc.   Barry Cinnamon, CEO, Akeena Solar   Tod Cohen, Director of Government Affairs, eBay Inc.   LaDoris Cordell, Administrator, Stanford University   Sue Decker, President, Yahoo! Inc.   Jack Dorsey, Chairman, Twitter   David Drummond, SVP, Corporate Development & Chief Legal Officer, Google,   Inc.   Donna Dubinsky, CEO, Numenta, Inc.   Alan Eustace, SVP, Engineering and Research, Google, Inc.   Naomi Fine, President & CEO, Pro-Tec Data, Inc.   Rachel Glaser COO/CFO, Reunion.com   Carl Guardino, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group   Andre Haddad, CEO, Shopping.com   Jeff Hawkins, co-Founder Palm, Handspring, and Numenta   David Karnstedt, Investor   Scott Kaspick, Managing Director, Kaspick & Co.   Steve Kirsch, Serial Entrepreneur   John Koza, CEO, Third Millennium   Ross LaJeunesse, Head of State Policy Western US, Google, Inc.   Gary Lauder, Managing Partner, Lauder Partners Venture Capital   Laura Lauder, General Partner, Lauder Partners Venture Capital   Len Lehman, Investor   John Luongo, Former CEO, Vantive Corporation   Roger McNamee, Managing Director & co-Founder, Elevation Partners   Ken McNeely, President, AT&T California   Michael Moritz, Partner, Sequoia Capital   Susan Packard Orr, CEO, Telosa Software, Inc.   Randy Pond, Executive Vice President, Cisco Systems, Inc.   Amy Rao, Founder & CEO, Integrated Archive Systems   Jana Rich, Managing Director, Russell Reynolds   Miriam Rivera, Former Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Google,   Inc.   Dan Rosensweig, Investor   Dan Rubin, Partner, Alloy Ventures   Hilary Schneider, Executive Vice President US Region, Yahoo! Inc.   Len Shustek, Chairman, Computer History Museum   Jeff Skoll, Former President, eBay Inc.   Stephanie Tilenius, SVP, eBay North America   Joy Weiss, President & CEO, Dust Networks   Steve Westly, former California State Controller & former SVP eBay Inc.   Evan Williams, CEO, Twitter   

For a complete list of NO on 8 endorsements, visit http://www.noonprop8.com/.

NO on Prop 8

CONTACT: Julia Spiess, +1-916-601-8282, or Ali Bay, +1-916-284-9187,both for NO on Prop 8