October 31, 2008

Web Portal to Serve Between Two Nations

On September 29th, Advantage Industries Inc. was awarded the contract to design and build the LABEX-USA website for the ARS office within USDA. This website will serve as a public portal of information between the scientists of two nations and additionally serve as a repository of key documents in the website's secure back-end infrastructure.

LABEX-USA is a 'virtual' laboratory in the United States, hosted by USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) for collaborative work with researchers from EMBRAPA, the Brazilian Organization for Agricultural Research. LABEX wanted to improve information sharing between scientists, and has identified a dedicated web-site as the most effective way to accomplish this goal. By creating an internet-based solution, the web-site will serve as an ideal portal between EMBRAPA and ARS for the sharing of ideas, documentation, past research, and current opportunities.

Founded in 1992, Advantage Industries is a small business on GSA Schedule 70 specializing in software development, project management, and website design and creation. Advantage Industries has provided full service management information system and network technology support to many customers, both commercially and in the government arena. Our demonstrated expertise commercially includes firms such as Long Fence and Home, and the PhyMD family of medical practices. Current government sector projects include software development and implementation for projects with HUD and FEMA.

If you'd like more information about this project, or to schedule a meeting with Joseph Weiner, please call Natalie Banes at (866) 443-8238 X733 or e-mail Natalie at [email protected]