October 31, 2008

Political Website Politics4All Being Used By Several National Campaigns

Politics4All announces the participation of several national candidates on their politically-neutral website, www.politics4all.com. Politics4All is a social platform created to provide citizens, candidates, and political advocacy groups a central network in which to exchange ideas and information about politics on the local, state, and national levels.

Politics4All provides free of charge to campaigns a suite of campaign management tools that can be used for volunteering, campaign and legislative tracking, news feeds, blogging, news flashes, press kits, and a real-time town hall forum. Politics4All's collaborative network provides a community of users interested in people, activities, events, and groups about politics.

Philip Bryan, a communications director for the Republican Party, was quoted in a local newspaper saying, "For people who aren't in these high dollar races, this is a platform they can use to really get their message out to more people." He said, "As they develop it and make it robust, they will increase all the different ways for candidates to really get their message out. I can't wait to see where it goes."

The Democratic Party also sees the potential of Politics4All. According to a spokesperson, "Politics4All arrived at the opportune time, as the field of politics has really branched out to encompass the online community. This has been especially evident in the success of the Barack Obama campaign," says Lindsay Waits. "It also provides an interactive outlet for us, as a party, to share information with the public to which they may not otherwise have access."

Branden South, Marketing VP of Politics4All, believes this website will change the political landscape. "Politics4All has the power to change the way all sides communicate in the political world. Candidates have more resources available and citizens can become more involved at each political level. This is done through the power of the Internet."

Data compiled using various sources from marketingvox.com

 --  124,000,000 Americans have gotten news and information about this     year's campaign from the Internet --  28,000,000 Americans 30 and under use social networking websites to     get or share information about politics or campaigns --  18,000,000 Americans go to the Internet daily to engage politically      

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SOURCE: Politics4All