October 31, 2008

Small Businesses Continue Business at Full Speed With SoSure

Recently, slow computers and internet connections have been a concern when using an online backup solution to backup important company data, pictures and videos.

"When developing SoSure, we heard the need in the industry today, for an online backup solution that will not slow down the internet connection or computer. We have worked together with IBM developers to overcome this concern and are proud to offer SoSure, which has added features to avoid any slowing," said Daniel Elfort, Founder and CEO of SoSure.

In order to prevent system over usage, SoSure has implemented a feature that puts a maximum amount of system usage and bandwidth that can be used when performing the backup. In addition, SoSure performs incremental backup after the initial backup, so only the changes are uploaded and stored, instead of entire documents and pictures.

Working together with IBM developers, SoSure has taken the advanced IBM technology and redesigned the user interface to offer business users the opportunity to backup their important data, without needing any IT resources to setup or maintain the solution.

A free 30-day trial can be downloaded at www.sosure.com/download

About SoSure

SoSure is an IBM business partner selling subscription-based online backup for individuals and businesses. We base our service on the market's best software and store all data on IBM's most secure hosting solution. SoSure is distributed directly to users around the world through the Internet and via our global business partners. Learn more about SoSure at www.sosure.com

 For more information, please contact Daniel Elfort [email protected]  Europe Phone +45 7022 5018 Nattergalevej 6, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark  US 200 Page Mill Road, Suite 100 Palo Alto, CA 94306