November 3, 2008

Orange County Improves Security; Reduces Costs With Secure Computing

Secure Computing Corporation (NASDAQ: SCUR), a leading enterprise gateway security company, today announced that Orange County, California, has protected its IT network with a unified set of Secure Computing products, including Secure Firewall (previously known as Sidewinder), Secure Mail (previously known as IronMail), and Secure Web (previously known as Webwasher). Addressing multiple threat vectors, the complete Secure Computing solution incorporated anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware, email filtering and encryption, data protection, Web filtering, intrusion prevention and protection from blended attacks. In addition, thanks to Secure Computing's Unified Threat Management (UTM) approach, the county government has been able to achieve enterprise-class security while keeping management overhead to a minimum.

Orange County IT executives report that the new security has significantly improved productivity. "Secure Computing's line of fully integrated solutions protects the County of Orange from both internal and external dangers, allowing my staff to focus on managing security instead of constantly reacting to threats," said Tony Lucich, CISO for the Orange County Office of Information Technology.

Like many government organizations, the Orange County network houses a large amount of sensitive data that requires the highest level of protection. "Because of our industry-leading reputation-based technology and other advances such as geo-location protection and hybrid delivery architecture, the world's most demanding customers rely on Secure Computing to virtually eliminate risks from cyber attack, espionage, and sabotage," noted Dan Ryan, president and CEO for Secure Computing. "No other vendor has an overall solution that addresses all of the Web, mail, and network security concerns facing today's customers."

According to Lucich, the county selected Secure Computing because it combines multiple best-of-breed security protections into "all-in-one" appliances. "We didn't want to have to deal with managing multiple boxes strung together," stated Lucich. "We needed a big picture solution to deal with the large increase we've seen in threats like spam and viruses."

Spam accounts for 97 percent of all email threatening to enter Orange County's network. In order to block that unwanted email, the county relies on Secure Computing's TrustedSource(TM) reputation-based security system, which gathers historical and real-time global intelligence in order to provide pro-active threat blocking.

"Based on our own first-hand experience, companies that integrate the TrustedSource module into their existing load balancers, firewalls or other technologies are going to see a vast improvement in their spam filtering," predicted Lucich. "This technology, along with Secure Mail, allows us to save thousands of dollars every day in lower email administration costs, dramatically reduces the need to buy additional servers to process increased mail volumes and, perhaps most importantly, saves us an estimated $42,000 a day in employee productivity that would otherwise be lost to dealing with spam."

TrustedSource provides such impressive results by assigning reputation-based scores to Internet hosts and devices based on their behavior, in much the same way that credit bureaus assign credit scores. As a result, Secure Computing appliances drop more than 70 percent of unwanted traffic at the outer edge of Orange County's network, long before it can do any harm.

In conclusion, Lucich added, "Secure Computing brings top-notch products to the table at a fair price, and their support can't be beat."

About Orange County

Home to more than three million residents, Orange County, California, is the third largest county in the United States. Currently, the county has approximately 18,000 employees, with additional outsourcing vendors bringing the total number of on-site staff to more than 23,000. Due in part to its continual process improvement, the county's information technology infrastructure has been recognized as a model of efficiency, and has been honored by the Center for Digital Government and Governing Magazine for excellence in information management.

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