November 3, 2008

AppSense Announces Commercial Release of AppSense Management Suite 8.0

AppSense, the leading provider of user environment management solutions for the enterprise, announced today the immediate availability of AppSense Management Suite Version 8.0. This major release includes the recently announced Environment Manager 8.0, as well as upgrades to Application Manager and Performance Manager. It represents a significant step forward in delivering a complete solution to managing all aspects of the user experience regardless of desktop and application delivery mechanism. AppSense technology enables corporate policy and personalization data, known as the 'user personality' to be abstracted from the desktop and managed independently. This personality can then be dynamically applied 'on-demand' to any user environment. Whether applications and desktops are delivered locally, published, streamed or virtualized - or combinations thereof - user environment management ensures that all user settings are correctly applied and persisted across desktop sessions.

"We see the virtualized corporate desktop as consisting of three layers," comments Pete Rawlinson, VP Marketing for AppSense. "The first layer is the operating system, the second is the application set and the third layer is user settings. By decoupling all aspects of the user from the desktop and applying these settings back into the desktop on-demand, corporate desktops can be standardized and their delivery automated, leading to significant cost savings in terms of management, infrastructure and storage." Rawlinson continues, "The independent management and on-demand delivery of this 'user personality' is called user environment management. This major release from AppSense enables us to maintain our leadership position in this exciting and rapidly growing space."

AppSense Management Suite Version 8.0 consists of three products (Environment Manager, Application Manager and Performance Manager) that provide policy and personalization management, application entitlement and resource control to create a predictable, compliant and responsive environment for users. Enterprise scalability and intuitive management controls provide a high degree of automation for IT, enabling cost savings through optimal use of resources as well as high levels of service quality.

With over 3500 customers worldwide and partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, CSC, EDS, HP, IBM and Dell among others, AppSense technology has proved invaluable in the adoption of virtualization technologies in the enterprise. As Trevor Allen, Supervisor of Infrastructure Services at Conexus Credit Union, Canada, comments, "AppSense demonstrated to us that we could centralize the management of user profile data, reducing user logon times from minutes to seconds. It was so astounding that we stopped our pilot immediately and rolled it out across the board."

Highlights of AppSense Management Suite 8.0

Building on over 10 years experience in Terminal Server and desktop environments, AppSense Management Suite is the only enterprise-class solution for managing the user experience in virtual client computing. Some highlights from this new release include:

User Profile Migration:

-- Quickly migrate user settings from physical to virtual environments or across operating system platforms

-- Apply on demand into any application delivery mechanism to ensure personalization persistence

Application Level Personalization Streaming:

-- Eliminate large, unnecessary data from being loaded at logon

-- Stream in user personalization settings as they interact with applications

Personalization Rollback:

-- Roll user settings back to last known good, preventing the need to reset user profiles

-- Reduce support costs and time to repair damaged profiles

Disk I/O Control:

-- Prevent disk access queues from impacting mission critical applications

-- Prioritize access to the disk on a per application basis

Network Access Control:

-- Control all outbound connections from devices and applications

-- Tailor network access based on user, device and location.

AppSense Configuration Templates

-- Take advantage of pre-built policy best practices

-- A selection of Policy Templates are available from

AppSense Management Suite Version 8.0 is available today through AppSense's world-wide channel of certified solution partners.

About AppSense

AppSense provides technology solutions that personalize and optimize virtual and physical user environments. User environment management provides users with a consistent, contextual and secure working environment regardless of the way the environment is delivered to them. AppSense solutions have been designed for servers and desktops which are based upon the Microsoft Windows platform, and are ideal for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware VDI, Terminal Services and local desktops. Through a global network of over 300 Certified Solution Partners AppSense delivers solutions to a wide range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, public sector and professional services. The company operates through offices in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.