November 3, 2008

MX Logic Debuts Next-Gen Message Archiving Service

MX Logic today introduced a redesigned version of its fully hosted message archiving service. The new MX Logic(R) Message Archiving service features a streamlined user interface along with enhanced search capabilities that allow businesses to find and retrieve stored messages within seconds and with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, the new service offers unlimited storage capacity so businesses can more affordably keep up with the growing volume and need for e-mail storage.

"Companies and IT departments are eager to find ways to control or even lower costs without making any sacrifices on quality," said Pete Khanna, president and Chief Operating Officer at MX Logic. "Message Archiving allows IT managers to efficiently outsource message storage and archiving to the cloud while maintaining the quality, control and instant access they want in a solution."

Message Archiving automatically captures and retains all inbound, outbound and internal emails, including all attachments. This eliminates the need to do manual back-ups and prevents any potential gaps in e-mail storage.

Unique features and benefits of the new Message Archiving service include:

 --  Streamlined User Interface: The newly designed user interface looks     and responds very similar to Microsoft Outlook, making it familiar and easy     to use.  Message Archiving has also been integrated into the MX Control     Console(SM), allowing users to manage all their MX Logic services from a     single Web portal. --  Powerful and Savable Searches: Similar to popular search engines,     Message Archiving uses powerful "and/or" logic to quickly and accurately     search message IDs, attachment filenames or content, sender, recipient,     date range, message size, as well as keywords in the header, subject, body     or in over 300 attachment types.  Users can run multiple searches at once     and even save common searches criteria for later use. --  All-in-One Storage and Compliance: Built-in compliance features allow     businesses to meet and exceed even the strictest messaging regulations.  In     addition, read-only storage, dual message capture, automatic quality     verification and message serialization help guarantee maximum integrity of     the data.      

Pricing for the new Message Archiving service starts at $2.00 per user per month, including one year of unlimited storage. Customers can also opt for three-, five- or seven-year storage options, which cost an additional $.75 per user per month for each additional year. In addition, 24x7x365 live telephone and e-mail support is included at no extra charge.

As a managed service, Message Archiving requires no hardware or software. Set-up is free to all users and simple month-to-month service contracts are available. MX Logic will also process and import all historical data at no additional cost. The cost to store this historical data is $1 per GB per month.

For more information about the new MX Logic Message Archiving Service, visit or call 1-877-695-6442.

About MX Logic

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