November 3, 2008

Turkcell Deploys Gemalto’s SIM-Based Mobile Signature Solution

Turkcell is using Gemalto's SIM-based mobile signature solution to rollout a set of new applications in the fields of e-finance, e-commerce and e-government.

According to Gemalto, its solution allows subscribers to access online services that require strong authentication using its mobile phone to sign its transactions and documents by means of a legally binding electronic signature.

Gemalto will provide Turkcell with a PKI-based authentication solution that will ensure the high level of security for online operations. Upon the operator's activation request, the SIM card itself creates the secret keys. This on-board key generation process is performed after the SIM card has been personalized and issued to the subscriber. It allows him or her to generate a secret signature key and passwords for accessing the application, in complete privacy and security.

Cenk Serdar, chief executive for value added services with Turkcell, said: "Mobile signature makes life easier and more convenient for our subscribers, as they can identify themselves with one unique password to securely access various different applications. Drawing on the success of the initial rollout, our plan is to pursue the fruitful business relationship we have built with Gemalto to make more and more new services available to our customers."