November 4, 2008

UTOPIA and Veracity Communications Strengthen Relationship

The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency ("UTOPIA") today announced that Veracity Communications strengthened its relationship with UTOPIA and will expand its telecommunications services to businesses over the UTOPIA open access fiber-optic network.

"We are pleased that Veracity has recommitted to serving customers on UTOPIA's Open Service Provider Network," said Todd Marriott, UTOPIA's CEO. "Veracity's experience in providing competitively priced, high-quality digital communications provides a wide range of choices to businesses in UTOPIA's member cities," he added.

This announcement is a result of a recent strategic decision taken by Veracity to make significant investments in its next-generation network and renew its focus on providing services over UTOPIA's carrier class fiber optic network.

"We at Veracity are very excited to strengthen our relationship with UTOPIA. After examining the recent changes they have made to their organization and improvements they have made to their network we feel the opportunities are significant," said Drew Peterson, President of Veracity. "The real winners here will be the businesses in the UTOPIA cities since they get the best of both worlds - the best products and services on the most advanced network."


UTOPIA,, is a consortium of 16 Utah cities operating a fiber-optic telecommunications network that provides a competitive marketplace for telecommunications services for citizens of member cities. UTOPIA's Open Service Provider Model provides the physical infrastructure while private sector companies compete to provide Internet, voice, video and other services over that infrastructure. UTOPIA is also the only network in Utah that connects customers' homes and businesses directly to fiber-optic lines with no copper or wireless connections. This allows Internet, voice and video signals to travel at the speed of light directly to and from the premises, offering speed and bandwidth copper and wireless networks cannot provide.

About Veracity

Veracity,, is Utah's largest VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) provider, with over 10,000 customers in Utah. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Veracity focuses on providing world class next-generation networks with a local customer service approach.

Veracity was founded in the late 1980s as Off-Campus Telecommunications, providing local and long distance calling to student housing at universities and colleges across Utah. In the mid '90s the company started its ISP business and in 2002 was renamed Veracity Communications and initiated services to business customers. Since then, Veracity has acquired its CLEC certificate and built out its next-generation local and long distance network. In 2008 the company will finish building out is fiber connections to partner networks throughout the state of Utah.

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