November 4, 2008

Expand Networks to Address Optimizing Offshore IP Traffic for Remote Broadband at Offshore Communications Show in Houston

Expand Networks, a leading provider of application acceleration solutions over the wide area network (WAN), today announced that Boris Kilimnik, Systems Engineer at Expand Networks, will address the topic of "Optimizing Offshore IP Traffic for Remote Broadband" at the Offshore Communications show in Houston. The session will take place in the San Jacinto room at the Crowne Plaza Houston Reliant Park on Tuesday, November 4th at 5pm. Expand Networks stands apart from other WAN Optimization vendors in the satellite space for its ability to provide a complete WAN Optimization solution, rather than a TCP Acceleration only solution. It is also currently the only solution that provides a central management solution for satellite links, easing management, configuration, and deployment.

As the price of crude oil continues on its volatile track, offshore interests are increasing their investments in wireless, satellite, and other mobile communication networks to optimize new exploration and drilling operations throughout the world. How energy-sector executives are applying state-of-the-art broadband solutions to maximize profitability is the primary focus during Offshore Communications 2008.

Boris will specifically address how the demand for remote broadband in the offshore industry is making satellite networks increasingly popular, as well as discuss some of the related technological challenges. Although the TCP/IP protocol is widely used to provide reliable data delivery over terrestrial networks, technical considerations must be made to optimize delivery of satellite solutions. By using techniques such as compression, caching, and QoS, Expand Networks' WAN Accelerators greatly reduce the amount of bandwidth used to transmit data across the network, in the process saving money, increasing performance, and mitigating the effects of latency. Expand also meets the flexible form-factors and configurations that satellite installations demand by providing technology on appliance based, VMware based, non-hard drive based, and a PC104 based embedded solution for integration into customized satellite communication controllers

"In a time of economic turmoil and uncertainty, Expand's solutions offer many key advantages, including maximum return on investment and optimizing current infrastructure, as well as enabling IT efficiency and offering extremely reliable user productivity," said Howard Teicher, Vice President of Public Sector and Satellite Markets for Expand. "In addition, no other network optimization platform offers a comparable set of integrated optimization tools and capabilities."

Expand has had major wins this year, having been awarded the United States Army's Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 2-3 TCP Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) contract as well as one with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Digital Video Broadcast, Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) program. It is the WAN Optimization solution of choice for the US Government, having sold over 10,000 units to various agencies as well as the Armed Services.

In addition, the company won the Network Testing Lab's World Class Award for Best Satellite Link Performance Enhancement, clearly beating out Packeteer, ViaSat, iDirect, and Comtech in an independent testing conducted by Network Testing Labs. The award was given to the product that was best able to optimize communications over the WAN for latency-challenged, low bandwidth satellite links.