November 4, 2008

DV Expo 2008 Exhibitor Profiles

DV Expo 2008 takes place November 04, 2008 - November 06, 2008 in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Listed below are the DV Expo 2008 exhibitor profiles.

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 Company:                      Emcore Corp. Booth:                        518 Ticker Symbol & Exchange:     EMKR Media Contact:                Peter Walters Phone:                        858-450-0143 E-mail:                       [email protected] Web:                  Opticomm, an Emcore Company, have been at the forefront of revolutionizing fiber optic technology over the past 22 years. The expertise has led to innovative design, development and supply of the latest technological advancements in fiber optics. Opticomm's video, audio, data and RF transmission systems serve both analog and digital requirements, providing cost-effective, flexible solutions geared for network reconstruction and expansion. The new Optiva(R) Platform is the source for customers who are increasingly seeking high-resolution video transport quality. Opticomm's superior technology is reshaping the broadcast and A/V industries with the next generation of optical digital transmission. For more information visit:   Company:                      Redrock Microsystems Booth:                        604 Media Contact:                Brian Valente Phone:                        888-217-3903 E-mail:                       [email protected] Web:                  Redrock Microsystems delivers high quality cinema accessories for digital filmmakers at revolutionary prices. Redrock Micro's products are designed to enhance DV and HD/V cameras such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and JVC for true cinema-style shooting. At the heart of the Redrock family is the award-winning Redrock M2 Cinema Lens adapter, which creates the shallow depth of field, angle of view, and focus techniques typically only found in 35mm motion pictures. Additional cinema accessories include the microFollowFocus, microMattebox, microSupport system, and microShoulderMount. Using direct-to-customer and build-to-order, Redrock delivers the quality and features of premium solutions at a fraction of the price. This approach is ideal for independent filmmakers, owners/operators, film students, and budget-conscious moviemakers. Redrock Micro has offices in Dallas, TX, and Hollywood, CA.   Company:                      TEAC America, Inc. Booth:                        322 Media Contact:                Aris Gharapetian Phone:                        323-727-4854 E-mail:                       [email protected] Web:                  TEAC America Inc. offers a complete line of Disc Publishing Products from disc printers to duplicators. TEAC's P55 Dye-Sublimation Thermal disc printer produces photo-realistic professional quality thermal prints directly onto discs. The P-55 is the world's highest image quality printer and the only dye-sublimation disc printer. TEAC's other product offerings include the Explorer 1 Disc Publishing System and the Discathlon 2 AutoPrinter System, inkjet printers and the P11 One Color Thermal Printer. TEAC also offers a complete line of duplicators including 1x1, 1x3, 1x7 and 1x10 CDR and DVDR Duplicators. TEAC will launch the new AL550S, 550-Disc Autoprinter system at DV Expo.   Company:                      The Indy Steadycam Booth:                        618 Media Contact:                Michael Knowles Phone:                        646-489-1126 E-mail:                       [email protected] Web:                  The Indy Steadycam is a revolutionary new camera-stabilization system that makes it a snap to get smoother hand-held shots than you ever thought possible while giving the added bonus of supporting the camera's weight. Invented by an independent filmmaker who couldn't afford a traditional rig, The Indy Steadycam combines a comfortable harness with patented over-the-shoulder support that gives you the best of all worlds -- hugely improved production values and support for the camera at a very affordable price. If you're an independent filmmaker or videographer, between getting amazingly steady hand-held shots and having the ability to film for hours without getting tired, you'll wonder how you ever shot without The Indy Steadycam! 

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