November 4, 2008

Enhanced IT Asset Management Solution Helps Schools Conduct Quick Technology Inventory, Find Rogue Computers, Prepare for Audits, the nation's leading provider of online software designed exclusively for managing the technology, facility and business operations of educational institutions, today announced that it has enhanced its market-leading IT asset management solution, ITAMDirect, to include "simple audit" functionality and IP-enabled device discovery.

Designed for both PC and Apple Macintosh environments, ITAMDirect's new functionality will allow IT teams at educational institutions to:

1) Conduct a "Simple Audit" of IT Assets: By deploying a software agent on a single networked computer, IT decision-makers can obtain a quick snapshot of all their IT assets within 24 hours to discover MAC addresses, IP addresses and, depending on the device, the device name. This can help schools comply with an emergency audit, as well as structure an implementation plan for a detailed assessment of hardware and software assets.

2) Discover IP-Enabled Devices: IT professionals can now discover any device with a MAC address and/or IP address on their network, including printers, switches, routers, servers, IP phones, networked video cameras and other SNMP-enabled network devices.

"ITAMDirect's enhanced functionality can help schools meet the challenge of 'too much stuff and not enough staff' that results when districts quickly acquire new hardware and software without the additional budget to adequately support it," said Co-Founder and President Lee Prevost. "'s software as a service (SaaS) model provides a cost-effective way for schools to manage their IT operations efficiently, without adding additional staff."

Ginny Wexler, district network manager at the School District of Springfield Township (Orland, Penn.), said, "Our rapid growth created a management nightmare. Our building technicians were overwhelmed. We had 2,000 machines, and there was no means for tracking that hardware -- it was out of control. I'm so excited that we found SchoolDude. Their products give us the control and oversight over our assets that we need. The ITAMDirect system is accurate and saves time, and the whole process was easy."

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