November 4, 2008

ATTIK Launches New Website at Attik.Com

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Global creative agency ATTIK is proud to announce their new corporate website, which has been completely developed in-house. The new site goes live today at

As a hybrid creative agency, ATTIK focuses on serving its clients' brands and their specific needs through non-traditional creative approaches, and nowadays, engaging websites are obviously of critical importance for any brand. Widely known for its unique design aesthetic and its strategic thinking, the agency's powerful integration of creative finesse, strategic foundation and proprietary, youth-focused research practices continues setting them and their clients' brands apart. With ATTIK's patent creative approaches continuing to drive the now-famous Scion brand's success to new heights, the firm is also well known for its Noise series of self-guided experimental design books. In the new year to come, ATTIK will publish its fifth entry in the series (NoiseFive), containing a first-ever retrospective on the company's colorful history, and offering a window into their latest explorations of creativity in print. As explained by ATTIK president Ric Peralta, the company's new website reveals the firm's latest explorations of creativity in interactive media.

"With a 22 year history and with so many cool clients to feature, we knew we had to hone down the work and imagery to feature just some of the work that has positively impacted our clients' brands," he began. "Our internal team collaborated to ensure that the work itself speaks for the firm. The new site effectively presents us as we are now: confident and looking forward to what's next."

Peralta also explained the role that interactive media is now playing in company's evolution. "Unlike many of our competitors, who outsource development to different firms, we have brought the talent on staff and integrated the process completely," he explained. "This allows us to keep the learning in the ATTIK DNA, to get smarter over time, and to develop new techniques to affect desired results. For example, we developed search optimized Flash through our work on a complex client project, which in turn led to blowing out our clients' expectations and ultimately their sales goals. The truth is, ATTIK has constantly been analyzing and retooling itself for the past 22 years, knowing that it's part of our role for our clients to help them leverage and adapt to change."

ATTIK's new site was mainly developed in its San Francisco office, under the overall creative direction of co-founders Simon Needham and James Sommerville. Also on the project team were director of interactive strategy Jaeha Yoo and senior interactive account manager Robyn Glennon, both of whom shared their input on the challenges faced in creating the right new site to represent ATTIK.

With the websites developed through ATTIK's San Francisco-based team over the past 24 months representing some of the firm's most high-profile deliverables, Yoo and Glennon were asked to name their top three client sites from this period. "I really think that we've done top notch work on all of our sites in the recent past," Yoo responded, "but the three that stand out for me are for Scion United, Lexus IS F, and the Scion xD's 'Little Deviants' launch campaign."

Glennon agreed, and shared some of highlights on each project. "The key to Scion United site was to utilize and share all of the components that make up the Scion community, and enable the users to become brand advocates themselves," she said. "For Lexus, our use of hybrid Flash architecture allowed approximately 70% of the site traffic to come through from Google. And for the Deviants, the entire campaign started with a simple idea about a new car, and was executed in a deep and rich interactive experience; it was so engaging that targeted users spent an average of seven minutes on the site, even though they are so resistant to marketing." Three ATTIK-developed websites have earned Site of the Day honors from FWA, the world's most visited website award program ... must recently, the Scion United website. The FWA-recognized site for the Little Deviants campaign was also ATTIK's first Webby Award -- and Cannes Lions -- nominee.

ATTIK's internal focus on cutting-edge web development has made both Yoo and Glennon experts on what sets successful sites apart. "A good site should allow users to quickly access the information they're searching for, but allow for depth and breadth of content and allow users to choose their own path," she said. "Users should never find a 'dead end,' or have to think/search to find their next step."

"In creating the new ATTIK site," Yoo added, "we used all of the usual suspects, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. We built some early prototypes in After Effects and Flash as proof of concept, then moved quickly into production in Flash. The site utilizes tons of assets, so we had designers shooting and retouching the images while the copywriting was happening and a custom content management system (CMS) was being built to manage the site."

"That custom CMS is ultimately the key to our site, allowing for ease of use and updates allowing us to continue to grow the experience," concluded Glennon.

Finally, asked if reviewing NoiseFive, or having a visit with ATTIK's team was the best way to get to know the company, Peralta answered, "All of the above. Usually people understand the end product, but we love to tell them how we got there. We feel we have a different take on our business, and when we explain this through some of the case studies and highlight the creative development process, it's always an amazing feeling to see people light up with recognition as they discover what all of this can do for them."


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