November 4, 2008

Michael Dell Keynotes Salesforce.Com Dreamforce Conference

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL):

-- Says smart businesses will weather downturn by making IT investments that Simplify and Save.

-- Companies should rethink where IT inefficiencies may exist.

-- Cloud computing, blade servers, virtualization and open-systems storage to drive next wave of enterprise productivity.

The News:

-- Mr. Dell suggests businesses focus on information technologies that deliver hard returns, measurable cost and energy savings by

-- Consolidating planned technology investments;

-- Aligning with technology providers best positioned to weather current economic conditions, and

-- Rethinking the status quo, looking for fundamental inefficiencies and significant productivity-enhancing opportunities such as iSCSI storage, virtualization, and IT-as-a-Service and Software as a Service (Saas) can enhance productivity and lower overall costs.

-- Dell has used SaaS technology to:

-- Rapidly evolve its business model, scaling globally while improving productivity.

-- Field ideas from more than 10,000 customers through its IdeaStorm Web site.

-- Align approximately 20,000 members of its global sales team and integrate thousands of its PartnerDirect global channel partners.

-- Mr. Dell also highlighted innovative new Dell products including the super-light E-Family commercial laptops featuring all-day battery life, and the M109S projector, which was suggested by customers on Dell's IdeaStorm Web site.

Michael Dell quotes:

-- These are challenging times but winning companies will take this opportunity to boost efficiency and emerge even stronger.

-- Reducing IT cost and complexity improves productivity and long-term competitiveness.

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