November 5, 2008

Freescale Technology Helps Switch On TD-SCDMA Networks in China

Freescale Semiconductor is helping accelerate the build-out of China's Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) networks, leveraging deep industry relationships and a broad technology portfolio for wireless infrastructure equipment.

TD-SCDMA is a third-generation wireless standard that is being widely adopted throughout China. According to the China TD-SCDMA Technology Forum, TD-SCDMA deployments are expected to be completed in 30 cities by the end of 2008, translating to 3 million users and a 15 percent nationwide penetration rate by fourth quarter 2009.

"Freescale's extensive semiconductor portfolio gives top equipment manufacturers the essential building blocks they need for the rapid deployment of TD-SCDMA," said Dr. Wang Jing, secretary general of the TD-SCDMA Technology Forum. "We are pleased that world class semiconductor companies such as Freescale are applying their focus, insight and technology to help bring TD-SCDMA to life."

Adoption of Freescale technology for TD-SCDMA networks is gaining momentum. Spreadtrum Communications, a leading Chinese TD-SCDMA chipset vendor, recently designed Freescale's MC34673 battery charger IC into its TD-SCDMA 8800D platform. Additionally, several of China's top TD-SCDMA equipment manufacturers leverage advanced DSPs based on StarCore(R) technology, and Freescale's market-leading PowerQUICC(TM) processors are commonly deployed in TD-SCDMA installations throughout the country.

"Freescale maintains a deep portfolio of DSP, microprocessor and RF technologies ideal for the creation of highly advanced TD-SCDMA equipment," said Mr. Kai Wang, vice president of Sales & Marketing and general manager of the Asia-Pacific Region for Freescale. "The breadth and quality of our product lines are helping us gain significant traction in TD-SCDMA markets. We look forward to continued growth as we play a key role in the build-out of China's TD-SCDMA infrastructure."

Freescale is a technology and market leader in advanced wireless communications, with offerings for the core of network infrastructure to the edge. A proven, trusted partner to the world's top wireless players, Freescale has a track record of helping leading manufacturers take cutting edge technologies to mainstream adoption. Leveraging the breadth of its considerable technology portfolio, which includes StarCore DSPs, PowerQUICC communications processors and RF devices optimized for TD-SCDMA, the company is supplying OEMs with silicon solutions engineered to deliver the performance, power and enablement capabilities necessary to meet next-generation network demands.

In 2007, Freescale introduced the industry's first multi-stage commercial RFICs optimized for TD-SCDMA applications. The high output levels of the optimized Freescale MW7IC2240NB RFIC allow OEMs to reduce part counts from two or three devices to one, saving board space and reducing power consumption and cost. The company is continuing to invest in TD-SCDMA technology and plans to introduce next-generation RF parts in the months ahead.

Freescale has maintained operations in China since 1992, and continues to support the nation's technological development. The company was among the first U.S.-based corporations to establish semiconductor design and manufacturing facilities in the country. Last year, the company opened a major design center in Chengdu intended to serve as Freescale's primary operation for the development of TD-SCDMA technologies. Work at the center also contributes significantly to the creation of next-generation RF products, as well as the advancement of microprocessor enablement technology.

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