November 5, 2008

PacketTrap Named a Top Company to Watch By Network World

PacketTrap Networks (, a leading provider of network monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation solutions, today announced that it has been named by Network World magazine as one of the "Top 10 IT Management Start-Ups to Watch in 2009." The article highlights PacketTrap as a company that holds promise to improve enterprise IT management.

PacketTrap solutions address the rapid adoption of virtualization, SaaS and VoIP in the IT environment. Management of those technologies has become a major issue for organizations because of time and resource constraints. Combined with the exploding amount of video, voice and data traversing the network, managing a network has become a seriously challenging and difficult job for network engineers. PacketTrap solutions are designed around a centralized management console that is easy to use and affordable to implement.

Jim Frey, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, is quoted in the article as stating that PacketTrap offers a "high-end product suite that starts with a free set of tools that is great for hands-on troubleshooting and administration." Frey continues by saying that PacketTrap also "leverages a large community of customers to participate in and drive the direction of the product...and has spent time developing some very valuable advanced policy and intelligent baselining features that commonly only come with much-higher-cost solutions."

About PacketTrap Networks

PacketTrap Networks is a leading provider of enterprise-level network management solutions that are effective, easy-to-use, and affordable. The Company's solutions empower network administrators of single and multi-site networks to easily troubleshoot, remediate, monitor and diagnose network problems. Both of PacketTrap's products, PacketTrap Perspective and pt360 Tool Suite, have received rave reviews from the IT community and are known for their ability to solve even the most complex network problems from a single interface. The Company is based in San Francisco, California. Visit the Company's website at or blog at