November 6, 2008

Numericable Deploys Juniper Networks’s M- and T-Series Routing Platforms

French cable operator Numericable is deploying Juniper Networks's M- and T-series routing platforms, integrated security gateway platforms and FW/VPN security appliances for its next-generation network.

According to Juniper, this IP-based network will provide a secure platform for the converged delivery of voice, internet, and cable TV across a single network. Juniper Networks T640 core routers will deliver backbone service with several 10GB links to support its Paris-based customers.

The network has also extended nationwide with a number of 10GB loops, which rely on Juniper Networks M320 multiservice edge routers. Additional deployments are planned in the future to further extend the network's reach in line with changing business requirements.

Xavier Darche, platform operations director at Numericable, said: "Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that has been purpose-built to scale in line with large volumes of traffic, and which can consistently and efficiently deliver high-quality multiplay services that meet the strict standards of our customers."