November 6, 2008

Boingo Wireless Comments on AT&T Acquisition of Wayport for Wi-Fi

To media covering AT&T's announcement today that it is acquiring Wayport Inc. to expand its Wi-Fi footprint, you may use the following statement attributed to Boingo Wireless CEO Dave Hagan:

"From an industry perspective, it's great that AT&T sees Wi-Fi as a great complement to 3G networks. Carriers should bundle Wi-Fi with 3G to provide a better user experience and offload expensive data usage to cheaper, faster Wi-Fi networks. At Boingo, we have seen carriers and cable companies moving quickly to assure they have a Wi-Fi service offering; naturally, that leads to the kind of industry consolidation exemplified by AT&T buying Wayport, our own acquisition of both Concourse Communications and Sprint's Wi-Fi network."

Hagan also is available for interviews to comment further as a very knowledgeable subject-matter expert since Boingo is the roaming partner of both Wayport and AT&T for WiFi and Hagan understands both companies' Wi-Fi businesses very well.

To arrange for an interview with Dave Hagan, please call Jeremy Pepper at 310-309-5984 or [email protected]

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